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Anybody else .... ??

Hi all, bit of a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience or any knowledge ...
After givin birth to my son I ended up with two labial tears. One side was sutured, I'm not sure how many stiches but feels like alot! The other side was left as it was more of a graze and the reigistrar decided best to leave it. Both are about 3cm long!
I have never heard off this before, and my perineum was completel intact! It honestly didn't even feel bruised.

Everything was uncomplicated, baby head down, born on due date and he was 7lb 3oz so not a large bub!
I was fairly upright throughout labour, at my last internal i was 8-9cm and begged for an epidural, I thought it would be too late but midwife was amazing and i got one in time! So i did push him out lying on my back. The pushing stage was only 25 minutes, as it was my first baby and i had an epiural everyone was shocked. Anyway, he didn't come bursting out it was controlled head delivered slowly. The midwife called in a registrar who stitched me up.

Sorry to waffle on just really baffled by this, it seems very odd! Any answers would be great!

Hope all the other April babys and mums are well!! And getting some much deserved sleep x


  • I'm not sure to be honest. My labour was much longer in the second stage and I ended up with just grazes on my labia and a 2nd degree perinium tear. I'm not sure what's normal though - I tjink anything can happen down there!!! I've heard of some girls with terrible problems afterwards so if you're healing well I wouldn't worry too much.

  • Hi there,

    My labour sounded very similar to yours - it lasted 6hrs50mins and the pushing stage was 45 mins max (not sure how long really as they never said when it started....think this might sound a bit thick...) and I ended up with a labial tear that required stiches. I'm not sure how many as they didn't say - don't think it was a really bad tear as they said the stiches were for 'cosmetic' purposes - so to get everything looking as it should (or as much as it ever would after pushing a baby out!!). Everything was very normal - 3 days early head down (though back to back - ouch), 7lbs6.5oz, I had a waterbirth and like you said - he didn't come bursting out - I did the whole panting as he crowned thing etc. My perineum was intact. So I don't really understand why I tore either, or if it could have been helped! But you have got me thinking and I might ask next time I see my HV - so will let you know what they say!! Mine healed really well and I had my stiches snipped at 6 days.

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