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I'm scared :\?

Right had to post dont know what to think but am still bleeding from last weeks AF its only very light in colour pale pink and when i go to the toilet and wipe.

I had a scan because of my light periods on friday and dr never said there was anything in there so what the hell is going on.

I started spotting 2 thursdays ago 29th and AF was red for one day on sunday heavy bleed then that was it the rest of last week i had a bit of blood that looked like the end of your period.

Also my urine looks a very dark yellowy orange colour and was cloudy the other day, has that infection not gone away? had a uti a few weeks back.

Don't know what to think :\?

It cant be normal to have AF for 10 days can it? mine used to only last 2-3 days tops when I was on pill, then when i came off pill theyve been scatty, non existent up until this month.



  • Ah Hun that really is rubbish!!
    My af's are normally a day of spotting 2/3 days of horrid heavy red then 3/4 days of light spotting as you described so I would say that it maybe normal for you!!!
    Our bodies really are useless aren't they!!
    Hope your ok Hun. If there was anything at the scan I'm sure they would of said something!
    Don't be scared chick it will sort it's self out!!! The pill although it has it's use at the time is a flipping nightmare when you no longer need it!!
    Maybe this is your bodies way of dealing eith it even though it's been 6 ish months since you stopped taking it!
    Try not to get yourself worked up Hun

    we're here to chat if you need to!!
  • Thanks hun have just googled it and yeah it can be normal to have AF for up to 9 days. I just freaked a bit hopefully it will go by tues/wed as shouldnt have it any longer.

    Yeah she would have said altho she did say you cant really see anything until you are further along but am not going down that road again thinking am pregnant cos have had my AF so onwards and upwards for next cycle.

    Not using OPK's now taking the relaxed approach xx
  • Def go with the relaxed approach!! I only used the ov sticks as I had 2 randomly in my bag and although I am glad I have ov'd and will have a normalish af it's driving me crazy where as normally I don't know Nd do can't symptom spot!!!!

    Ttc is soooo hard and seeing people with bfp's first makes it even worse!!

    We will get there and get our long awaited beanie!!!

  • Course we will hun!!

    Yeah I know what you mean if you dont know you dont care so to speak but then how are you meant to know when you are going to get AF if you dont count DPO. Its confusing eh. I dont think I am due to test now until I come back off my hol so I can relax and do lots of BDing as should be ov that week too

  • Hi SD, sorry you have more upset.............

    I had this a few months ago, mine lasted for 2 weeks so I went to the docs, which started my additional tests as we had been trying over a year.

    I had three lots of 21day bloods, 2 said I was ov but one said not. I've since had ultrasound which was ok and a week ago I had hsg which was all clear. (I know you are currently undergoing all this...)

    Are you prone to uti's. I know I have had lots since i got married 9 years ago.

    I would maybe say if urine is like that you may still have it. Sometimes they give quite weak antibiotics and they don't clear it.

    When are you next in for your bloods, maybe u could ask for them to send a sample to be tested if its not so long off, or I would ring the doc.

    Try drinking some cranberry tea or juice and lots of water to try and clear it.

    Hope you get sorted soon

  • Thanks hun am next in on CD35 for my bloods only CD8 today and then have to go for another CD35 blood test end Jun/beg Jul.

    Hubby has to have a SA has your husband had one? and then doc will give us results i got told from my ultrasound everything looked normal and healthy but was advised i could still be diagnosed with PCOS from my blood results.

    I just panicked have never bled this long and its only tiny amounts but thought maybe I had internal bleeding or something. My back aches quite a bit could it be my kidneys.

    I know one thing when i do get pregnant because of all this am going to be so paranoid!! and on edge all the way through.

  • That's the prob with my cycles they are very unpredictable!! I went fro being fairly regular to having stupidly irregular! Last cycle was 76 and this one will be 44 ish!!! I have learnt to accept it and let my body do what it has to!! It is extremely annoying!!

    Your hols will be the perfect oppurtunity to have the most amount of fun sex and booze and try not to think about it!!

    I am driving myself insane sepmto. Spotting really regret the stupid ov tests!!! Lol

  • try not to worry, easier said than done I know but at least you are already seeing the doc so if there was anything wrong I'm sure they would have told you already.

    try to relax and enjoy your hols x
  • Just thought I'd let you know Sparkling Diamond that my AF usually lasts around 11 days (sucks) so don't be too scared! AF is a strange thing! xxx
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