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not being that big 3rd time round.

well this time i really don't feel that big, in fact i don't even look pregnant, i'm nearly 19 weeks, i was huge, well not huge but had a defo bump by this stage with the other two pregnancys.
i know the babys at the front and plencetas at the back from the scan, so know it's not the way the babys laid.
plus i've only put on 5lb! thats good for my fat ass to.
so do you think this could mean it's going to be a small baby?


  • Hi Kristy,

    I hope the pregnancy is going well.

    I only put on 1 1/2 stone with Jack and he was 7lbs 2oz, if you call that small. I was a lot bigger with Charlotte and put more weight on but she was slightly smaller. I put it down to carrying a lot of fluid second time. I wouldn't worry, babies get everything they need and you have two little ones to run around after so you won't pile on the weight. At least this way, if you don't put on too much you won't have much to loose afterwards!!
  • Kristy I was the opposite!! Still in my size 10 jeans at 36wks with Tom, no chance with Luka!!! I've got bigger each time, and so has each baby 7lb6oz, 7lb 15oz, and then 8lb 6oz. As Zoe says your size doesn't necessarily affect the size of the baby, and you will have less to lose afterwards. Lucky Girl!!!
  • thanks guys, totaly right zoe less to lose after.
    my hubby think's i'll just exploded in the last mths lol,
    charlie was 8lb 3oz and nicole was 7lb 6oz's. i put on 4 stone on with charlie and 3 stone on with nicole. hope this time i only put on 2 stone. hope lol
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