Will be joining you soon but..

Hi all
We have talked about baby number two and have decided to try so.. I am taking my last pill next week eekkk image
After my LO was born I was diagnosed with a under active thyroid gland and I am taking pills every day for the rest of my life :\( and I have to have blood test every three months to monitor it but I have been reading up on if you become pregnant when you have a under active thyroid and there are risks of miscarriage,low birth weight,premature labour etc.. and now I am quite upset :cry: I know I could have a lovely healthy baby like my LO but there are still the risks, I know they are even if you do not have this but I keep thinking bad things so I was wondering if any one has got a under active thyroid and is trying for a baby or have had a baby when you have one??

Thanks ladies and I hope to get to know you all and soon be in a Due in.. again image xxx


  • hiya, and welcome, congrats on ttc*2. sorry i have no advice on ur LO, but u wil never no unless you go for, and there wil always be risks hun, so try keep ur mind off it and jst go for it, no point worrying about something u cant control, u will just stress urself out, and that may effect ur chances at getting pg. so i no its hard but try not to think about it? sorry i dont really have any advice, just wanted to welcome u, and didnt want to R&R. hugs and luck xxxxxxx
  • Hi xGemx, I do not myself have an under active throid, however my best friend did and she had no problems and gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.
    I know each case is different but I wanted to reply instead of R&R.
    I wish you all the luck and look forward to talking with you soon.

  • Thanks for replying ladies and I should stop reading up on things lol
    I already have a 15 month old little girl xxx
  • yeah tahts the best way hun, i think internet and stuff just makes poeple xtra paranoid... like wen im sick, im strait on google looking up symptoms etc lol. awwww and shes a cutie, i can see her in ur pic, bless image x
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