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Period - coming off the pill

Hi, just a quick question, i took my last pill last wednesday (currently on the bleed after ),, i am just trying to work out that if i wasnt to start my pill again on thurs when would my next af be due apprx?
Hope you can help thanks alot xxx


  • hi, im the same situation as you. the bleed now is not a period so they recommend waiting until after your next one before you start trying. i think we should still have the usual time til the next one but knowing my luck it will be sooner.
  • I came off of my pill in august. My first one took 54 days! Since then my cycle has been between 39-56 days. It can take a while for you body to act normally but everyone is different. you may be regular and 'normal' straight away. Good luck x x x
  • hello

    my first took 67 days to come image and for me they remianed long :\(

    a lot of ladies go to 'normal' cycles after thier packet and others dont its really a waiting game, not everyone has 28 day cycles and not everyone ovulates 14 days into thier cycle either, good luck if you are TTC and enjoy image
  • Mine was completely different!

    I had my usual w/drawal bleed, then 14days later had another 3day bleed (assume this was AF), 28 days later and had another 3day AF, so I am assuming that im regular, my next is due 28 days after that (but hoping that it doesnt come at all ;\) ) x
  • I took my first period 30 days after finishing my last pill pack. I thought that was maybe good, but I have no cramps and it's very light which is not how I remember my pre-pill periods! So, I have no idea what's happening with my body!


    Edited to say 30 days after the day when I would have went back on the pill after 7 day break - which I think is when you starting counting from. But again, I'm pretty clueless!

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  • This is also what I have been thinking as I am taking my last pill next week and I read that you should have a couple of "proper" periods before trying. We are planning to start July but I am just going to come off next week and see what happens as I am so excited lol image

    Gem x
  • Hi all, i knew to to this site!!

    I was wandering if any one could help? i have come off the pill and 3 days later i had period cramps and came on like my usual period and has lasted 4 days so far my usual periods last 5-6 days and im feeling its gonna last that. is this withdrwl bleed or my period! i heard withdrawl bleeds are light ?

    sory for the questions im just a little confused do i count this as my real period as it does feel like it !!


  • Although lots of doctors say that when you stop taking your pill you have a surge in fertility, so may be a good idea to take advantage of it!
  • G/c as saw this on the homepage. My doc said the same biliboi and lo and behold nothing after withdrawl now 31+3 image x
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