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Which Ovulation Test?

This is our first month of TTC and I'm finding the whole thing very scary and very exciting at the same time! Whilst we are taking a very laid back approach (no pun intended) to TTC and are trying to keep it relaxed as poss, I have decided that next month I want to use ovulation sticks to try and determine my cycle and therefore have a few questions:

1. Is there any difference with the various tests on the market - does expensive mean more accurate?
2. My cycle is pretty regular (touch wood it stays that way), if I determine my ovulation date next month would it be fair to assume it would always be on approximatly the same cycle day in following months?
3. Do you have any tips for using the tests?

Thanks for your help and I look forward to chatting more in the future.

mande xx


  • Hi Mande, I have just brought some ov sticks from boots (own brand). Am going to have a bash at them once af goes away and see how we get on. They were about ??19 for 7 sticks. Like yuo my cycle is pretty regular so just wanted to gague when I am most fertile and go from there.
    Also taking a laid back approach to it for now.

    Fingers crossed for us both and talk soon.

  • Hi Sammy,
    Good luck with getting your ovulation test positive...let me know how you get on. I'm currently on CD 18 of this month so have a couple of weeks to wait until I'll be able to start using them (unless I'm really lucky this month!!!).
    Fingers crossed for us both!
    MandE xx
  • Thanks for the reply Mrs Happy. Hope you find your OPK positive next month!
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