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Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with my CBFM. Does it turn itself on or do I switch it on every day to see if I need to test?

Thank you and sorry for the daft question.

V xxx


  • hiya hun you need to turn it on hun it will go off by its self anyway
    gl with cbfn

    kerry xxx
  • Hi Vicsy.
    You need t turn it on every morning and it will tell you if you need to test by showing a flashing test stick and an inwards pointing arrow.
    Feel free to ask lots of questions - I'm on my 1st month with it and still learning as I go along!
  • You need to switch it on Vicsy! If it is your first cycle, expect to test day six. 2nd cycle will test from day 9.

    I have found mine so helpful in pinpointing ov. Cycle 1 it was cd16/17 that I got peaks and cycle 2 got peaks on cd10/11!!!

    Good luck!
  • Ooh, it's my first month using CBFM too!

    It's day 6 of my cycle tomorrow so my first actual testing day. Quite excited! But I'm sure I'll be on here asking loads of questions during the month.

    Fingers crossed girls that it works first month for us all!

    Good luck n enjoy all the BD'ing!

  • Thanks girls. I thought I read in the instructions it came on in the time period that you set and I was wondering lol. Hence the asking. he he he

    Ms Impatient, I'm a day behind you, I'm on day 5 tomorrow. I'm so excited.

    Thank you everyone and lets hope its our lucky CBFM month this month.

    V xx
  • From what I read, I think it means that you have to turn it on in the 6 hour time period (3 hrs before until 3 hrs after) that you first set it, or you might miss the testing window...

    Not 100% sure though!

    I think my only question so far is...how long is a long cycle?? I read that if you have a long cycle you might have to use 20 testing sticks the first month rather than 10. I've got 29 (came with the monitor i bought on ebay), so would like to order some more plenty time in advance if I have to use 20.

    My cycle is 34 days - is this long??

  • Hi Ms Impatient, I don't think 34 is a long cycle and I don't think you'll need anymore than 10 per cycle.

    V xx
  • This is my first month using CBFM too. Think its taken this cycle to get used to my body though. Got my high on cd8, and now on cd21 and still no peak. But my cycles are 28 days and I felt strong OV pains between cd15 and cd21 plus cm indicates i've ov'd. The instructions do say that even if you don't get your peak it doesn't mean you aren't fertile so not too worried. OH thinks its a right waste of time and money but I'm persevering with it, and I've persuaded him if its 'broken' then we'll just ahve to BD every other day for the whole month just in case! x
  • Yeah, I did read that you might not get a peak on your first month as the monitor is getting used to your cycle.

    I'm pretty sure I am ovulation as I've been checking cm for a few months and it all looks promising. But because of OH's shifts I find it a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly when we should BD.

    So I'm really hoping that the CBFM can help us with that.

    Really hope that it's our month this month!

  • Fingers crossed for us all.
    MsImpatient - although 34 days isn't technically long, on your first cycle you may well need 20 sticks as it will assume you have a 28 day cycle and will therefore ask you to test every day from CD6 until you peak.
    I took have fairly long cycles 37 days (ish - hence the CBFM!!!) and currently on CD25, stick number 20 and still low - not even a high image.
    Beginning to wander what's up!!
    Let's hope they do what they say on the packet hey! Desperate for a littlen and month 6 of trying - was kinda hoping it would be 1st month lucky! How naive was i!! x
  • I was exactly the same noviada! It's quite ironic how seriously I took trying not to get pregnant for years, and then I expected to fall the first month! I've been off the pill for about a year now, because OH works a month of nightshift then a month of dayshift, it's really been about 6 months. I don't see him except for weekends when he's on nightshift. He comes in, I go to work, I come home and he goes to work. So not much hope for BD'ing that month!

    He's on nightshift this month but I've told him he'll need to leave half an hour early so we can fit in in before I go to work!

    Got some more test sticks ordered off ebay as well as some cheapie tests - no harm in dreaming is there?!

  • I know MsImpatient - I used to panic if I forgot 1 pill and here we are all still trying. I'm a teacher and sometimes teach sex ed and feel like a fraud saying it's so easy to fall pregnant!

    I can sympathise about your OH - mine works away a lot. I have spent only 36 hours with him in past 6 weeks and as typically, I know I was not OVing during that time! So realistically during past 6 months we prob havent timed it right at all and can't have regular BC as he's away so much so I'm praying the CBFM helps us pinpoint exact days.

    It's not easy is it, but I like your forward planning and enjoy the BDing!!!
    E x
  • Ooops should be regular BD - know idea what BC is!!! Goodness knows what I'be just admitted to doing! lol
  • Heehee, maybe its Baby Conceiving!

  • He he that would be good. And I spelt "no" wrong! How embarrassing- think it's time for bed!
    I would like to point to all concerned parents or parents to be that I am not an English teacher!!!
  • My 1st month using CBFM too and well having grumbled about having to remember about it and dance about dying for a FM pee and trying to get packet open! hehe But quite like it now, it gave me a high on CD12 and a peak on CD13 (which made my otherhalf happy!) especially as i wasn't expecting even a high til CD15 (like OPKs told me last month!)

    Good Luck fellow CBFM ladies! x
  • Hi FlirtyFilly

    I must admit to avoid the dancing I pee in a cup (sorry tmi). I have had highs on day 6 and 7 (on day 7 now) also had some stretchy stuff yesterday (sorry this really is tmi) but it was tinged with old blood so I have no idea what is going on now. I'm really excited though and hope this month is our month. How long have you been ttc?

    Noviada, my hubby is just going along with things too. I think as long as they get their involvement (lol) they will just go with the flow.

    Thank you and good luck

    V xxx
  • i went and bought one yesterday, turns out i was a day ahead of myself in my cycle when i read the booklet cos my af started at night so i am cd5 today. i was dead excited about setting my 'window' i woke up tons, cant imagine what i will be like if i actually get a bfp lol.
    its month 9 for us so im hoping this brings us some luck- cant wait to start testing tmw. think we're gonna bd every other day as usual but every day if i get my highs and peaks- is that right??
  • Hi Kaiti

    I think so yes, thats what we are doing. I think by the looks of things the first month can be a little inaccurate whilst its getting used to your cycle,

    Good luck. Lets hope we both get our BFP this month.

    V xx
  • ooh i agree vicsy. ive got a worry tho, what happens if i get a high before my af finishes? has this happened to anyone? dont really like the idea of bd-ing while im on.
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