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ermmm, ummmm, crap!!!

hey, not been on here for an age as we kinda gave up trying so i could concentrate on starting a business. was due on 11th ish, but was gonna give myself till tomorrow as sometimes i run late. anyway, at home alone today and though, ah, what the hell, lets do a test... so, it's +ve, did a CBD too just to double check and its preg 1-2 - totally not expecting it, and feel a bit weird.

i feel like i should be really over the moon as we were trying for a while and got no-where, then i kinda talked myself out of it so i could concentrate on my business... i don't realy know how to feel, lol!!!

did anyone else get that??

i didn't have any symptoms really, felt a bit odd and sicky in the mornings, but thought that was down the the echinacea i had been taking, could smell lots of stuff, but i always can, sore boobs, but i get them when i due too - i'm trying not to get too excited as i just have a feeling like it's not going to happen...

sorry, bit of a rant - i can't really talk to anyone about it as i don't want to 'jinx' it, told my husband, think we're just a bit shocked!!!



  • Hi
    We were in a similar position 2 years ago. Had tried a while and nothing so we decided to plan our dream wedding in Italy, got it booked and I fell pregnant! Was delighted but wee bit sad too, we just got married at home when I was 12 weeks and was still a great day. You do feel bit bad for not being as over the moon as could be but remember having a baby is the most life changing thing ever, it is natural to feel some apprehension especially as starting a business which is stressful in itself.
    Is it something you can continue doing whilst pregnant?
    Congratulations though, I'm sure you'll be jumping around once it sinks it x
  • hi mummychop, thanks for the reply! glad i'm not the only one who feels a bit weird, lol!! how many children do you have?? it certainly will change things... no spare room for a start!! i may be able to continue my business at home, but it would involve buying some expensive equipment and not sure where it would go as the spare room will be taken - gosh, i'm in a right tizz-wazz!!! and completely lost my apetite! xx
  • You'll not need your spare room until little one is about 6 months so plenty of time image We didn't even bother doing a nursery until then. That should give you some time to see how the business is going to go before making any immediate decisions.
    I've a daughter at 16months and got bfp last night yay!
  • that's good to know, thanks! that might even give me time to find somewhere to work if need be - we were looking at moving, that might have to be brought forward, lol!!! oh a daughter, how perfect! and HUGE congrats on your BFP - looks like we could be bump buddies image
  • Thanks- not had the nerve to post in Due in Jan 2011 yet so still hanging about here lol
    It's fun to have a bump buddy image
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