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Chicken Pox - urgent help and advice please.

Hi all

We aren't sure but think Toby possibly has chicken pox.

On Friday we noticed his bottom was really sore (I posted in Baby about this!) and very spotty - more spotty than redness - angry looking bright red spots. So thought, bad nappy rash.

Saturday his bum was the same so he had nappy free time all morning and over the course of the morning I noticed some tiny, pin prick red spots on various places on his body - legs, arms, lower tummy, shoulder blade.

After his nap on Saturday, I couldn't believe how many more were there and some DO look pus-filled / white-head type spots.

This morning he's woken up with quite a few more prominent red spots, that do look slightly pus-ey but not masses more.

The Dr I saw yesterday (as I begged to see one as we were off out for the night and I would not have gone had it def. been chicken pox) said 4 of the spots do look chicken pox-y but he can't say for sure and to come back 2moro if more appeared.

So I think we are going back today as tomorrow we have OHs Grandma's funeral up in Stoke and we can't go if there is the possibility nursery won't let Toby go as I can't leave that burden on my sister who is looking after Toby for some of the day and driving him to and from nursery.

So does this sound like pox at all? and if not, what the heck could it be!!!

He's had a raised temp for a few days now - 37.7 ish so not worrying really (he's a year) and as I said, off his food totally.

Help!!! xxx


  • It does sound quite like chicken pox tbh - but I'm surprised the doc can't say for sure. When cole started with the pox he only had a few tiny spots (and a temp) and the doctor managed to diagnose him just fine. The pussy spots gradually got bigger and worse over the next few days. Have yo tried google image searching for pics to compare cause thats what I did when I wasn't sure whether to take him to the docs.

    I'd definately take him in today if I were you then at least you know - I had cole to the out of hours docs with less spots than Toby!

    If it is pox - I can highly recommend aqueous cream with calemine in it as its much less messy than the calemine lotion, and also giving him baths with a tub of bicarb of soda dumped in it - it does help dry up the spots

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