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Anyone using both BBT and OPK? Please help.

Hi there

Sorry I haven't posted anything on here since I was last TTC which was back in 2008.
I am not officially TTC for no 2 until July (although we did have a drunken fumble without protection once this month the day before my positive OPK). I am using OPK and only recently BBT to get an idea of my ovulation dates before we start bd.

This month was the first month using BBT and I am confused already.

I had a positive OPK test on both Sunday and Monday, 9th and 10th May. My temp went up from 36.28 to 36.4C just after. But then on Sat/Sun 15th/16th, my BBT shot up to 36.8 and 36.75c. I thougth I would have ov'd on Tuesday 11th, but can it take 4 days for BBT to dramatically increase?

Is anyone using BBT? How much does your temp increase after OV? How many days after OV does it take for your BBT to increase?

thanks for your time


  • Hi sevans, I think OV generally happens 36-48 hours after a +ve OPK, but as with everything this is only a guideline. If you see 2 shifts in temperature I think it's called a triphasic cycle. It's nothing to worry about (completely normal) and just means that your temp rose slightly after OV then again some days later and can sometimes (but not always) be linked to pregnancy. Fertiltiy friend is good for giving you lots of info about BBT etc.
  • hello

    i did lots of temping trying for my son last year, it could be a slow rise or a later ovulation, as the OPK can only detect a possible ovulation in roughtly the next 12-36 hours depending on how your hormones rise, fertility friend has a free email course that i found really helpful, do you have a chart?
  • I temped when we were ttc our son (but am not this time as I'm up too often in the night with him!) and I would either get my rise the day after my positive ovulation test or sometines two. It only rose by .2/.3 of a degree though so you probably would have ovulated when you first thought if your temps up until then were stable x
  • Thanks for your replies.

    Gosh I have never heard of a triphasic cycle before, must look it up. I will def check out fertility friend.

    Im also monitoring cm as well, and it definitely seem to dry up from Sunday onwards, so maybe it is possible I have ov'd late.

    thanks again,

    Ps - just reading up on triphasic cycle now, and it can be linked with pregnancy - so never know image

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  • Just crashing to say hi Sevans!!! Good luck with number 2!!!
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