Hi - Im new to this

I discovered I was pregnant at 41 was excited and looking forward to life and suffered a miscarriage last weekend at week 6. When does the pain become more bearable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • sorry you've had to join us, with time it gradually gets a little bit easier. i found once all the milestones were out of the way that helped too, like my 20 wk scan date and due date. i lost my bean almost 11 months ago now at 12 weeks and some days are still hard, xx
  • Im so sorry you had to join us. I have no advice as I only found out last wed that our baby had died at 9 weeks. I had my D&C yesterday and im just numb.
    Just want to say we are here if you need to vent and again im so sorry any of us have to go through this (((hugs)))
  • Hi hun,
    I had a mc 2 weeks ago now and I feel like i'll never move on completely, just learn to live with the loss, much like when somebody here on earth dies.

    When you lose someone on earth all the things you used to do together remind you of them, and when I see cots and baby clothes that I used to look at I feel a similar kind of loss.

    Its only been 2 weeks for me but already I feel better. Make sure you take time to grieve and always talk to your partner. It was a very lonely time for me and its been much better since I told him I weren't coping so well last week!

    I'm sorry you've had to join us over here hun but the ladies over here are fabulous and I've found them to be very helpful during the shitty time that it is.

    Lots of love
  • Sorry you found yourself here.....the pain never goes away but it gets easier to live with each day just allow yourself time to do whatever you feel you need to! I lost my twins at week 12 just after mothers day....i already have ID girls who are 17mnths old =D Im also pregnant again as we started trying again straight away! Its early days but there is hope of concieving again if you feel you want too the ladies on here are amazing xxx
  • Thanks for all your kind words and support. I just wish I had some things differently. It's sad to hear how many people are suffering.
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