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Leaving you lovely ladies...

Firstly I would like to say that I have appreciated your support and friendship massively since my mc earlier this year and I sincerely hope that this post doesn't upset anyone...

But.... I am cooking a little pudding so I am leaving you lovely ladies imageimage

As many of you know I had an early mc over xmas which was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, my hubs and I are delighted to announce that we are pregnant and after a private scan this morning we are very excited about our little pudding.

I am about 8 weeks and the scan was amazing, she found bubs straight away and I was relieved to see a fluttering on the screen, we listened to the heartbeat 3 times and it was incredible, such a strong, regular heartbeat, tears were shed!

I am sorry that I haven't been able to share before now, I haven't been posting as much but have been checking in to see how you are all doing.

Now that we have had the private scan, we feel so much happier about sharing our news, going to tell our parents at the weekend and can't wait.

So I am off to join in the ladies in preg after mc/ec.

Sending you buckets of baby dust image

Thank you again for your support,
Lots of Love, MrsH and little pud xxxxxx


  • Oh wow, how exciting! Congratulations sweetie, i'm so pleased for you. I'd been wondering how you were as you hadn't been on here much lately.
    Can't believe you've kept this quiet until 8 weeks! I managed about half an hour....
    It must have been such a relief to have that scan, and to know everything's as it should be.
    Congratulations again, and see you in preg after mc, Elli xx
  • Hi Elli,

    Thank you hun, your message means alot!
    I have NO idea how I have been able to keep it quiet, family and work don't know yet, think family might have guessed though!
    Been sooo hard not to say anything at work as I have been having morning, noon and night sickness and haven't been able to complain to anyone but my poor hubs!
    See you in preg after mc, looking forward to sharing our journeys...

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Ahh that's fab news hun!
    So pleased to hear everything is fine!
    Lots of love
  • Ah wow congrats i may come over with you....b4 braving a birth forum! xxx So happy for you xxx

  • That is so lovely MrsH and congratulations.

    Hopefully i'll see you over in the other forum soon. Have a happy healthy pregnancy and thank you for your support to me when i had my mc in March xx
  • Congrats MrsH , so pleased for you. Wishing you a very healthy and happy pregnancy

  • lovely news, well done xxxx
  • What an amazing and lovely story. So happy for you...... my word you have some strength keeping that quite for 8 weeks....... can you pass some onto me.

    I love to hear such good news from people who have been through such an awful experience..... it keeps me going and it gives me the hope that my time will come soon.

    All the very best to you and your OH, fantastic news hope you have the happiest of nine months ximage
  • Thank you for all of your lovely messages girls, means a huge amount.

    Lady2188, jc & Bubs please - thank you very much image

    Lampiekat - thank you for your kind words, you are welcome hun, hope to see you over in preg very soon.

    Congrats to angelkisses! Excited for you huni and looking forward to sharing my journey to baby with you too!

    3054 - thank you for your lovely message, not sure how I kept it quiet but felt that after last time I needed to keep it quiet for a while. I hope that my story gives other hope - I know we have been very lucky in terms of how quick it has happened and that this time we have been blessed with a healthy bean but I don't take that for granted.

    Looking forward to reading everyones BFP stories very soon - you will all make amazing Mummy's!

    Lots of love, MrsH and little pud xxxx
  • Congrats!!!
    I don't come here often now - I've almost given up hope of a BFP now after we fell so quickly 3 times (2 lovely DDs and the mc at 11 weeks at Xmas) I can't believe we're still ttc image I think my poor body is just too old!
    I just popped in and was so pleased to see your post tho my lovely and hope you'll keep in touch and let me know how it all goes (do you still have my emaiL?)
  • Hi hun,

    Great to see you!

    You are definitely not too old lovely, keep positive, it will happen, sending you buckets of the best baby dust image

    Of course I will keep in touch, yes I have your email still hun.

    Take care of yourself and your lovely family
    Love MrsH xxx
  • Hi Mrs H so pleased for you. I am having a break from BE but just had a peek and saw your news. CONGRATULATIONS XXX
  • aww soo pleased for you hun! image u have kept that quiet! congrats and il see u in preg after mc! i am now 5+4 image xxx
  • Thanks Lilypod and Yummymummy!
  • aww congratulations!!
    it givs m hope, as i also had a mc over xmas....hopefully i will get BFP in the next few weeks who knows!
    bet the scan was sooo exciting for you both! image
  • Hi hun

    G/C So chuffed for you, have a wonderful pregnancy.

  • Thank you sian490 and SD!!

    MrsH and little pud xxx
  • Thank you sian490 and SD!!

    MrsH and little pud xxx
  • Congratulations!!! You were so supportive when I had my mmc in Jan and I wish you all the best! You certainly have some self control I would be on here about 30 seconds after a positive!!! Look forward to being a mummy!! Hope to join you soon!
  • congrats MrsH, I am really thrilled for you!! Best wishes and lots of love xxxx
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