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ttc after mc

Hi ladies,

How many of you didn't have AF after MC? I really want to start ttc straight away, but I'm getting conflicting advice as to how safe this might be?!

Please share your happy stories because we've already bd'd and I'm now a little nervous.

Lots of love ladies


  • g/c I had 2 mc, 1 beteween my fisrt 2 children and one between my 2nd and 3rd children.
    With the first mc I didn't wait for AF to start trying and pretty much concived within days of stopping bleeding. i was very nervous throughout my pg with ds1 but all went well.
    With the 2nd mc we again didn't wait for AF to start trying, but she came along anyway, but that was the only one cause I got pg after that one and again had a healthy ds.
    Good luck and hope you get your BFP soon
    Karen x
  • Hey,

    so sorry to hear about your MC, hope you are coping ok, these forums are great for support.

    I had a MC in November last year and am now 25 weeks pregnant, i caught straight away without having AF, i personally felt ready emotionally and physically and the DRS had said we were ok to start trying again, but it wasnt a case of right lets start trying, we just decided to carry on as we were and see what happens.

    i think its a very personal thing to decide to start trying again, and only you know if you feel ready, the only thing i would say is that despite thinking i was ready and being absolutely thrilled to bits i worried constantly (and still do to a certain extent) it didn't help that i had bleeding again at 7 weeks and automatically thought the worse, but thankfully everyting is ok.

    It may depend on how far gone etc you were as to whether it is safe to try again, i was quite early on, but i know people that had a MC at 10/11 weeks that waited a while but like i say i think its a personal choice.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope to be hearing a BFP real soon.

    take care hun
  • So sorry to hear about your loss hun. I didn't wait for AF before trying again after my early mc, once the bleeding stopped I started testing for ov and found it happened exactly on time (2weeks after bleeding started) but I know I was very lucky to fall straight back into my cycle like that.
    It took us 4 cycles to get another BFP which at the time felt awful but I'm glad in a way because I don't think I would have coped well with the constant worry if we had fell pregnant that first month. I'm still stressing out about this beanie but I do think I needed those 4 months to sort my emotions out abit.

    Sending you all the luck in the world hun and hope to see you post an announcement here soon (((hugs))) xx
  • Thanks ladies,

    We decided to bd anyway so wish me luck!

    I hope i get to make my BFP announcement soon image
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