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Results are in

I got my results back yesterday and have managed to dicuss them with one of the nurses at the hospital, the good news is its not cancer which is a massive relief! There is a large clump of cells that are at sever level so they need to be removed asap and there are 2 other areas of cells needing to be removed but they have to wait until they get to a certain grade. Personally I dont understand why they dont remove them all at the same time, makes more sence to me. I am still waiting to have a scan to see where my coil is so looks like all the treatment will be done the start of next month and I still need to talk to someone face to face about it all. The nurse I spoke to today did say if I had left it another 6 months I would be in a very different situation so I hope everyone who is over due a smear has booked them. xxx


  • That is fantastic news!!! I am so pleased for you!

    I still need to go for my smear test, I have started a new pill and have had a very light af since I started it so I am hoping once I have my pill free week next week it will all settle down so I can go along and have it.

    I'm so happy for you hun that things are ok, I hope the removal of the cells isn't too bad and you can soon put this all behind you. Big hugs xxx
  • That's brilliant - I've been thinking about you but didn't want to keep asking you if you'd heard anything.

    I haven't had my smear yet either - I haven't stopped bleeding since my coil was fitted (right at the beginning of feb!!) so the nurse told me to wait until I have.

    As Liz said, I hope the removal of the cells won't be too bad. Big hugs xxx
  • That is good news...and good that its got found now. Hope the treatment all goes ok

    I was going to book my smear as it was due but then found out I was pregnant so can't .. will have to wait till next year but definately won't leave it.

  • That's good news and hope the removal isn't too bad. You reminded me I need to book mine. Never had one before but was due my 1st whilst I was pregnant with Alfie so had to wait.
  • Glad it is all solvable what excellent news. Hope the removal all goes ok!
  • So pleased for you that it can be sorted and the waiting is over! Hope it can be done quickly and as you say, better to get these things done and dusted, rather than fear the smear - it's really nothing compared to labour!
  • Hun im so pleased its good news. Hope the removal goes well. Will they be giving you extra checks to see if the others go up in grades? Good luck hun, really glad all is ok xxx
  • thats great news. had my first smear last year after my 3rd lo. just turned 25, silly they dont do them at 21 though. oh well, mine was clear so that was all i worried about. my friends currently going through biopsys on her womb as she had 3/4s of her cirvix removed due to having positive cells. hope shes ok, she left it till she was 28 to have one but thankfully they caught it in her ciirvix in time xx
  • FAB news best wishes for when they remove them - must be such a weight off your mind! Shocked they still haven't sorted your coil yet!
  • thats fab news... i soo need to get my smear booked still have never had one!!!

  • brilliant news amy image
    will be shouting at docs for my smear in dec when i turn 25. they wont give me one before xx
  • Star i'm the same as you. I got sent a letter to book one but it was when I was pregnant and still no got round to booking it now.
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