taking supplements while ttc

hi ladies, was wondering if you take supplements while you are ttc? x


  • Hi
    Yes i am taking the santogen mother to be and hubby takes the father to be ones. You can get them in a twin pack
  • Do you mean like pre-natal supplements?

    I take folic acid along with my regular once-a-day but I have stopped taking flax seed oil as I read it's not advisable during pregnancy. I'm currently in the 2ww so don't want to take any chances but next time I'm at the doc for my bp check I'm going to ask her about other Omega fatty acid supplements ... Also switched my bp medication for another prescription they give to pregnant moms with high bp just in case....

  • hi, i take santogen preconception and pregnancy x
  • Hi

    Am really bad and keep forgetting to take folic acid but have been taking it since jun last year. When am pregnant I will take it for the first trimester.

    I hope that doesnt make me sound bad am just so forgetful but when i remember I take a double dose.

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