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how to get lo to keep sun hat or sunglasses on ?

We had a minor success yesterday and managed to get Archie to keep his sunglasses on for at least an hour. But then he suddenly took them off and refused again.

He point blank refuses a hat. In winter I had to get one that tied under his chin and even then he only kept it on becuse it was minus 5 outside !

Any hints and tips for safe sun protection ? S x


  • oh dear - I don't know from experience as Maddie loves her hats (since she has had to wear them all year round as it's so sunny here). I never bother with sunnies as maddie HATES those!!

    I always use sunscreen on her exposed skin if we're out more than 20 mins - kids over 12mths can wear it so Archie will be fine. It's only 10-20 seconds of him being fussy (maybe - he might be fine!) and then he's a bit safer in the sun.

    Does he have a favourite tv show or animal? Maddie loves her new pajamas because they have dorothy the dinosaur on them! Maybe he would put up with a hat that he likes?

    Good luck!!! Persistence is probably the keyimage
  • I ahvent even tried sunglasses. She wont where her glasses much in the day anyway, so sunglasses for our lo is probably pointless. Also, unless its really bright an sunny, your lo maybe finding it hard to see things now he is seeing things in a darker shade.

    As for hats, my daughter used to hate it, however things have changed and she likes wearing it. Well most of the time! I left the hat lying around the house, and I found her trying to put/succeeding with putting her hat on. I jsut let her do it, which in turn has made putting a hat on easier outside.
    Also liking the suggestion of finding a hat wiht a character on he likes. You could always pout one of his old hats on teddy and see if he copies. Sometimes children will follow parents too, so if daddy/mummy where a hat he may copy. Try and perserver (?p) but if he pulls it off or refuses to put it on make sure u dont get cross with him.

    My problem this year, is finding one age 1yr+ which isnt too huge that she cant see lol!

    Suncream, I just apply factor 50 before she goes outside and apply it regularly when outside. Last year I found that using the squirty childrens suncream was easy apply. Also the fact its green i guess makes it more interesting!
  • My ds is only 14 months but after a surge of summer weather a few weeks ago, he needed a hat on. (sunglasses were far too ambitious!!)

    I might try the idea about leaving the hat wound the house and seeing if he will play with it.
    Thanks for the tip!

    Hope your lo takes to the hat before the summer arrives (if we are even that lucky!!)

    Sarah xx
  • i am having the opposite prob - hayden loves wearing hats sooo much that we can't leave the house sometimes with out him having a mad search for his hat! he was out the back the other day in the glorious sunshine with his winter wooly hat and shorts and t-shirt! strange child that i have, LOL
  • daughter was wearing a thicker hat, not quite wooly in the warm weather last month. This was because she didnt have any summer hats that fitted. at the time.

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  • Fiandrup - Gabe had a tantrum the other day cos he wanted to wear the white trainers and I was trying to put the blue ones on him!!! Lmao I called him a big girl (Jokingly!)

    Suz I have still not found an answer as Gabe will NOT keep a hat on. I have not tried sunglasses. I hate sunglasses myself and have never worn them so never occurred to me to get lo some - he has some at his nan's though and he wears them but only for posing in not for any length of time!

  • Just thought, does your lo have a favourite cuddly toy he wouldplay with in the garden? Put a hat on his toy and he may copy. It works with my lo!
  • my little boy has got a hat from pumpkin patch which is fab. its got a big brim, so it keeps the suns out of his eyes and the adjustable toggle bit makes it stay on snug so that it doesnt fall in his face when hes running around. he didnt wanna keep it on to start with, but we made a game out of him doing it himself. he would take it off and hide behind it then put it back on. it helped it get used to it and hes ok with it now. plus, its a similar style to the one his daddy wears, which i think has helped.
  • sunglasses are a complete no-no for my lo (26 months) as he has always refused to wear them. and as for hats - you'd think he was being harmed in some way if you heard the racket he makes when I put one on him, whetehr winter or summer!

    but for the first time yesterday, he did wear his hat. i made sure he had something in each hand and then plopped it on his head! i could see him deciding that he would rather keep what he had in his hand than drop one of them to take his hat off! so thats the tactic I'm going to adopt in future

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