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a bad sign...?

Hi girls
So I am driving to work this morning, I take the back rural roads so don't normally pass many cars but the one car i did pass had a reg number that ended BFN! I'm such a superstitious girl so that does not look good! Trust me to notice something like that wish i'd never seen it now! Is anyone else as crazy as me lol?


  • i am sometimes hun, like now all i see is the new advert for the CBD test lol and my daughter had spellings 2night and she has 2 use them in she has the word TWIN.....and mummy had twins.......i said errr but i havent, she said well u never know!!!! lol x
  • Too right you never know, let's hope its true, i would love twins! X
  • twins r nice but i already got 2 kids lol x
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