Any ideas why I'm feeling funny?!!

Hello ladies.

Was hoping for a bit of advice as I have been feeling funny for over a week now...

My last cycle was 37 days long so was kind of expecting same thing this time. Well this month I was using CBFM and up to CD 26 is hadn't even picked up a high, let alone a peak, and after this I wouldn't let me test any more and kept flashing "m".

Anyway, on about CD29 I had bad cramps all day, my boobs were really sore. This lasted for about 3 days. I also think I had EWCM but not too sure tbh!!

I am now on CD 39 and have been having dull aching tummy pains and back pains for the past week, but my boobs don't hurt any more at all. I also feel slightly sick in morning and late afternoon.

But I did a test on saturday (CD36 ish) and it was completely negative - not even a glimmer of a line.

So any ideas...? Sooo confused as not sure I even OVed this month and I have some symptoms, but not the typical ones (like boobs being sore) and of course I had the BFN at the weekend image.

Please help - I'm driving myself crazy.


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