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Ethans Birthday photos!!!

Ethan was very impressed with all his presents although Fireman Sam stuff was definately the favourite!!!


Ethan hugged Amber to say thankyou for his present!!


Ethan got a lot of role play toys and spent the whole morning playing, it was so cute!!


Lunch at Pizza hut!!!

This is the Ethans practise cake i made for the party the one on the day WILL be better!!! image

Oh sorry didn't mean to put on so many pics got a bit carried away!!


  • Tasha, you can see in Ethan's face he enjoyed himself and loved his presents. They are great photo's, it's nice to see Amber in a high chair too! Hope they both enjoy their party on friday.
  • Oh they are great tash! Will (yes, he is still up!) has just seen the one of him and Ethan and was amazed that he was on the 'om-puter!'

    Love the one of Amber in her high chair - did I take that?!

    Cake is fab!!!
  • Ah tasha Zoes right you can really see the joy on his face.
    Looks like he had a fab day.
  • Fantastic pics!!!
  • What are you doing for Eoins birthday Gracey? How old will he be?
  • Great photos, Ethan obviously enjoyed himself.
    Cake looks tasty!
  • Lovely photos, looks like you all enjoyed. The pic of ethan hugging amber is really sweet.

    Em is that will next to ethan in the pic at pizza hut?

  • lovely pics tasha... hope he grows up to be a real fireman... and save the day.
    btw, amber should be on the cover of pp!
  • I agree Samiha, my niece is the most beautiful little girl, and i am not at all biased!!

    Yes Karen, that is my little blonde monkey!! Definately DOES NOT look like me!! The boys were so good in Pizza Hut, resisted a food fight for most of the meal, which for those two little terrors is a miracle!! They are little angels until the pair of them get together!!

    Ask Kas, she's meeting William on friday and can see for herself what they are like together!!
  • Ha ha Em, Will is cute though he looks really cheeky. It's really nice that they are the same age, i bet they will grow up to be the best of friends.
  • Thanks Girls, Ethan certainly did have a wonderful day and had a cute smile permanently on his face!!!! He's still in birthday mode due to the party plus he hasn't yet played with all of his new toys so he's loving it!!

    Karen, There's only 26 days between William and Ethan which is wonderful and they're already very close, i so hope they stay that way

    Gracey, We're all great thanks, you?? What do you have planned for Eions birthday???!!!

    x x x x x
  • oh wow, those pics are fantastic!! the boys have such cheeky looks on their faces.

    cant wait to meet your two on Friday Em!!

    amber looks really excited to be in her highchair!!

    tash, the cake looks great.

    see you on friday yay!!

    kas xx

    ps, tash, i know what niamh and ethan are like together, and we know what ethan and william are like together, can you imagine what theyll all be like together!!!
  • Well you did have a great day didnt you.

    Tasha Emj said amber ate something new but said she would leave it to you to tell all.So what did she try while at pizza hut.
  • Like the pics and the cake looks yummy!
  • Sorry late reply! Fab pics Tasha, Im glad the little man had a good day. Have a fantastic party tomorrow. The kids all look gorgeous xxx
  • aw there great. look's as if you had a great time.
  • Tasha, they are great pictures, Ethan looked like he had loads of fun xx
  • They're great pictures Tasha!!!
    It looks like you all had a lovely day!!
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