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Ready-bed for 18month old

Hi all

Had some good news today, for a change! My Dad has been given a bonus at work so has offered to pay for us and my sister / brothers families to go and visit him abroad where he lives.

This is in November! Toby will be 18months.

He needs to know what sort of room to book us and I am thinking just a standard double and we thought about taking a ready-bed for Toby. We're planning on buying him one for our Florida trip next year anyway.

Has anyone had any experience of an 18-month old using a ready bed?

Thanks, Joo xxx


  • Even though Oscar's been in a bed for a while I haven't put him in any kind of bed when we go away as I think the temptation to get up and explore and therefore not sleep would be too great. Just my opinion but I'd stick with a travel cot
  • We went camping last August when Cole was ..ummmmm... 20 months old and got him a ready bed as he's long since grown out of the travel cot. By ready bed you mean one of the blow up ones with slightly raised sides don't you?

    Anyway..thats what we had - although it had a built in duvet we put extra duvets over the top as we were camping and he was absolutely fine. Tbh there wasn't much room for him to fall out but he was absolutely fine in it. We put it up in his room for a few days before we went so he'd get used to it and we are going to have to have a hotel stay in august this year so I think we'll take that rather than have to put him in a bigger bed. He also sleeps on a mattress on the floor at my parents just fine and has done since he outgrew the travel cot, and he's been in his toddler bed since 16 months and rarely gets out.

    Hope that helps..

    Oh and they have some reasonably priced travel beds in TK Maxx, and we got one from ebay for cole last year for about ??24 - cheaper than argos image
  • we've just bought one from Argos for our 16month old as he wriggles around and bumps his head so much in his travel cot he keeps waking up so thought we'd try one in the hope he might sleep better. He has slept on it for his lunchtime knap once and loved it so fingers crossed when he tries his first night in it next week.
  • My mil bought one for my 2 year old to sleep in at her house as we live abroad so need somewhere to stay when we are in the UK visiting family. He didn't see it as a proper bed though, more something to play in so Daddy ended up sleeping on it and lo was in bed with me! He has been in a bed from 15 months so I wouldn't put him in a cot as he would kick up a real fuss. We are travelling through Europe this summer and I've found loads of hotels that will put in an extra bed for a small charge or sometimes even for free. Most provide a cot free of charge too. x
  • Thanks all...

    I will speak to hubby again and see what he says. He is reluctant to discuss these things so far ahead but I am a planner and like to be organised! LOL

    We plan on getting Toby into a proper bed (well his cot-bed) as soon as he can walk and he already kicks up a huge fuss about going in a travel cot so that just won't work.

    The rooms at the hotel my Dad is booking are gorgeous but very small and so it looks tight for a travel cot anyway. At least with a ready-bed we can pop it away more easily when he's not in it!

    Otherwise its twin beds for hubby and I and we share him on alternate nights!

    Thanks again xxx
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