Recommend me a bath seat please?

Lo is nearly 5 months old, and the baby bath is getting a little small now! Obviously, the next step is to put her in the 'big bath', but I've no idea where to start looking for a bath seat. She can sit up ok in her bumbo, and I would imagine that one she can sit up in would last longer? Which one do you use, and how do you find it? Any back-saving tips too?

I'm going to have to start running her bath an hour before she's due to get in it, as our bath is so big :lol: ! Thanks in advance xx


  • ds has this one, and he's been using ti since 5months, he loves it as he can have a good old splash and kick about and i can play with him and wash him with both hands, making it much easier. i tend to kneel on the floor next to the bath to play, but i stand up and lean over to wash him

    tesco usually ahve it in store for ??9.99 tho xx
  • Thank you for your reply WoW Baby. We have a tesco home store not too far away, and wouldn't have thought to look there! Will have to take a gander over the bank hol week end xx
  • We had the same one as WoWBaby too, and would recommend it - Toys R Us have it in store for ??10 too I think.

    Have you seen these if your bath is huge? I've not used one myself but have heard good things about them:
  • We had a bath chair thing, but we realised that we would have to fill the bath right up every day. just to make sure that LO wouldn't get cold, it was so high! Instead, we just ran a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the bath and laid LO down in it, keeping hold of his head, He loved it immediately and kicked and splashed about, and still loves it. Now he can sit, we just let him sit up and play with toys, but obviously sit there with a hand out just to make sure he doesn't fall over.
  • Thanks Lara, the Aqua Pod looks good for when she's a bit older. *Sunflower81*, I had seen them, but wasn't sure if they would be compatible with our bath, or how effective they really were. May google reviews though, thank you. Kate1515, I had thought about just braving it and letting her splash around, but don't know if my back would hold up to leaning over with her ;o)

    Thank you all for your suggestions xx
  • hello

    LO has been in the big bath from about 10 weeks, we just fill it up a few inches and he lays in in pushing himself up and down the bath :lol: we dont hold him i just sit next to the bath and play with his toys with him, hes not keen on sitting up! might be worth it to avoid filling the bath up, alternitively you could have a bath with her, LO doesnt like that now as i take up too much room!!
  • with the bath seat i have u onlmy need to fill it so it covers the top of their legs, belly button typr height. personally once he was trying to crawl, then standing, then now walking, i didn't feel safe having to try to stop him slipping and wriggling all the time, which is what my bro does with his boys and they would alsways try to stand up in the bath, whcih is why i thought the bath seat was safer, we still use it now and ds is 14 months, otehrwise he'd be trying to run around in the bath, which could get tricky x
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