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What's your toddler's favourite meal?

I'm desperately seeking some new meal ideas for an increasingly fussy 17 month old! Protein is the most difficult food group to get into her - eats very little meat and won't touch eggs. It seems I'm making the same few meals repeatedly and she is getting bored with these so I'm running out of ideas!

What's you toddler's favourite meal?


  • very limited with my 2 1/2 year old!!!

    His favourite meal is one of two:

    Penne pasta or spaghetti with a tomato/ garlic / pepper based sauce and loads of grated smoked applewood cheese on top


    a homemade pizza with tomato cheese and ham with garlic bread

    my boy will only eat chicken in the form of nuggets and ham on pizza and won't eat eggs at all

    I too worry but the clinic I took him too weren't worried at all and suggested if I am concerned to give a multi vit daily which I do
    hth x
  • Veggie spag bol with mushrooms and sweetcorn is a fave, also fish fillet with homemade chips and carrots another fave
    Pitta bread pizza or tortilla pizza both with mushrooms,sweetcorn and cherry toms on
    pasta with soft cheese stirred in
    pasta with veg and grated cheese
    broccolli in tomatoes with cheese on top then done in the oven boiled rice and a quorn burger
    cheese and tomato omelette
    cheese salad tortilla wraps
    they also love fried eggs, quorn bacon, beans on toast
    im lucky my girls eat everything the only thing Lexie(2) has refused is basil it was a tomato and basil pasta sauce she eats the tomato one fine i thought it would be nice but she chose to eat plain pasta instead lol and Leah (1) hasnt said no to any food yet lol

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  • not that unusual for toddlers to not like meat. Max basically eats NONE - protein he gets from cheese and that's probably it!

    Spaghetti Bolognese is his fav but basically with no blogonese! Otherwise any pasta will do accompanied with LOTS of grated cheese!
  • At mo dd fav meal is chicken lollypops (chicken on a stick to you & me!) I oven cook chicken put a little bit of fajita seasoning on it chop it in to bite sized bits & put them on blunt cocktail sticks she loves them i do cucumber & peppers with them xo p.s shes 3
  • love the chicken lollypops idea sounds great, I worry about protein too and iron intake as struggle to get red meat into my 2 and 1/2 year old

    i manage to get egg into him by doing French toast (bread dipped in beaten egg with milk) fried in a little butter, I make triangles and he loves them.

  • he quite hapily eats most thinsg, but his definate faves are any form of pasta, no matter what sauce/pesto its in and home made tortilla pizzas

    he really isn't keen on egg tho, no matter how i try to 'dress it up', boiled, fried (!), omlette, scrambled, he licks it, then pulls a really funny face like he's been sucking lemons or something, think its the texture he's not keen on...xx
  • I've got another one who hates eggs! He loves meat in most forms though, particular faves being spag bol and beef or chicken casserole with mash. he also loves most form of pasta, especially Annabel Karmel's popeye pasts which sounds revolting but is really lovely!
  • Hi

    Even at nearly 3yrs my son doesn't eat much meat and wont eat pork in anything other than sausages.
    His favourite meal is brocolli, carrots, baby sweetcorn, peas and mashed pots with gravy! If I put meat on his plate he doesn't eat it so I've temporarily stopped.
    I rely on brown bread and green veg for his iron and eggs and cheese for his protein.

    Good luck x
  • Rice rice rice! I hide everything in rice ! Chopped toms plenty of veg and chicken beef etc J would never eat meat if it wasnt hidden like that!x
  • Rice rice rice! I hide everything in rice ! Chopped toms plenty of veg and chicken beef etc J would never eat meat if it wasnt hidden like that!x
  • My lo is quite fussy but she loves chill con carne another favourite is veggie sausages and plain pasta. She pretty much always eat these.
  • My ds loves my homemade pork metballs with tomato sauce and pasta. They are so easy - i mix pork meatballs breadcrumbs cheese and some garlic with an egg - form into balls and chuck em in the oven! he cannot get enough!
  • My lo can be fussy but he is the opposite in that he loves meat and fish and will pick it out and leave everything else! He loves fruit too so I just make the most of what he will eat, try and encourage him to at least taste everything on his plate. Then we give him a multivitamin every night just to make sure he has everything he needs.

    I find the more flavour something has the more likely he is to eat it. I cook salmon in a garlic butter and dill sauce and he loves that but if I gave him plain salmon he probably wouldn't eat it. x
  • Hiya don't worry too much about protein - it's in basically everything, but here are some ideas;
    For LOs baked beans are a good source of protein, fibre and vitamins, and my ds loves them!
    Max is 2 1/2 and eats what we eat (with a few minor modifications) his favourite food is curry. If I make a curry, I'll give him some with rice and he finishes it. And he very rarely finishes his dinner... Don't make it too hot though haha
    A good way to get meat into them is to buy mince, because it's a lot easier to chew for LOs. So you could make spag bol and give LO sauce with penne and grated cheese or something.
    What about fish? Fish fingers?
    Also a good source of protein is hummus. Max loves dipping breadsticks and cucumber sticks in hummus.

    Hope this helps :\)
  • Jacket potatoes with cheese and baked beans with salad, pitta bread pizzas topped with ham, mushrooms and courgette, home made chicken nuggets (cubed chicken, dipped in egg then rolled in crushed unsalted crisps and baked for 15 mins) with potato wedges & veg, any kind of pasta with any kind of sauce, thai prawn curry. My 2 year old will quite literally eat anything but my 5 year old is still fussy with meat. If I were to give him a roast dinner for example he'd eat everything except the meat lol! It's the only thing he's fussy with. But if I cook the chicken as nuggets he'll eat it and he loves mince in any way, shape or form. Don't think he associates it with being meat! Going to try the chicken lollies too.
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