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Can they be allergic to toothpaste / fluoride?

Hi all

Was brushing Toby's teeth for him earlier (before I let him have his turn!) and as soon as the toothpaste his hit mouth, his whole face flushed into one massive red blotch. I've noticed it before but not thought anything of it.

Going to have a google now but wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

Joo xxx


  • I never heard of it but I s'pose they could be.... What did you find out on google?
  • yeah i've heard loads of stories of people being allergic to it! toothpaste is actually full of chemicals and lots of additives for colour and taste, you can even be allergic to some of the natural ingredients in it...i THINK sometimes people can be allergic to certain brands...might be worth changing your toothpaste? x
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