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Expensive Potty

I'm thinking of getting a potty so my lo can get used to it. Trouble is I don't know which one to get, they vary from being to cheap and basic to expensive and fancy. Is it worth spending the money on the expensive ones or is a basic one ok, tbh I don't really wanna spen that much.

Thanks xx


  • I would let your lo choose - we bought a cheapy rom ikea and thought we had a bargain but lo woudl not DREAM of going anywhere near it! Then we took lo with us to mothercare and he choose a ??15.99 thomas potty - I was HORRIFIED to spend that much but he goes on it so it was worht it!
  • Thanks I never thought about letting her choosing it how silly of me! Hopefully if its one she likes it'll make the proces easier!
  • Yes I did the same as MaxiMum and let him choose one (it might have been on her advice actually) - we're not really potty training yet, just getting him used to having it around, but I thought it'd make him feel more involved - I'm relieved now he only chose a ??7 one!
    This week though I've decided we need another one (one for upstairs and one for down), and showed him the cheap one in Asda (??1) to see if he recognised it, he said 'Popper' which is what he calls the other one, so I bought it, and he seems just as happy sitting on that one too - but he has had the one he chose for a few weeks to get used to it.
  • i bought a 'normal' potty when daisy was 12 months old but she struggled getting on it . she wouldnt let me help her get on and it was too low to get on and i ended up buying a fifi chair type one. about ??15 well worth the money but to be honest you do need 2 pottys one for upstairs one for downstairs . i used to carry mine up and down all the time but you do forget sometimes.
  • I got mine free with a subscription to Prima Baby-lucky as it is a Babybjorn one that ranges from ??20 to ?? 25 depending on a shop!She really likes it though and it is stable and comfortable.
  • My dd1 didnt like the normal cheap one seemed to be uncomfortable so i bought the fisher price one that looks like a toilet it worked she loved it and had no problems potty training although she doesnt like the noises so keep it turned off lol im hopeing dd2 takes to it too as she seems to like playing with it at the moment lol dd1 is using the toilet all the time now.
  • i must be lucky, hayden uses the one i got from pound land great, no probs!!
  • Thank you ladies think we'll go shopping today, we're not starting properly yet I don't think but she's forever asking to go on the toilet so thought I'd get the potty so she can get used to it gradually x
  • i got mine from instore,its a seat/potty type and it is the only one Lennon would use,i bought a pound one from asda and a 15 quid one from ebay,hes tall and i think he found the normal potties too far down for him,since i bought that new potty we are fully trained so would def recommend it x
  • Well she chose a mamas and papas one which was ??6.95 so am pretty pleased with that. They had the Baby Bjorn ones but they were ??22 so couldn't really justify that! She's sat on it a few times but not actually done anything yet x
  • My mum got a cheap one for ??1 from a car boot sale, lo didnt like it as too low. I purchased the baby bjorn like sooky as its higher up, plus i can take the insert out to empty it - we only have one toilet which is upstairs. She has used it qutie a few times.
    She went through a phase of saying no whenever i asked if she wanted potty.

    Her toys now sit on the potty and she now goes on the toilet!! Not potty trained yet but more interested now on the toilet
  • I bought a cheap one and my Kara didn't use it once. She went straight to the toilet. I bought an adaptor ring with fish on it for the toilet that cost ??5 and that is what we used. I also bought a step to help her get up and down herself. She had no problem going straight to the toilet and it is what I preferred. At least I could go anywhere and there would always be a toilet nearby that I could use. I just didn't venture anywhere far for a week or so until I knew she was fine and confident in telling me when she had to go.
  • Hmm thats an interesting point bout just using the toilet straight away, prob sounds a bit daft but i thought you 'had' to start them off on potty. I might get one of them as well cos my lo is obsessed with the toilet she's always asking for it and always follows me to the toilet as well! x
  • I have no intention of starting to seriously train lo yet as he's only 19months. But everyone else (my mother and MIL) seem obsessed with starting him soon.

    So this has been a really interesting post as I was thinking about buying a cheap one to leave lying around.

    I like the idea of having a potty and an adaptor for the toilet so I might do that. S x
  • Hugo is nearing 21 months. We have got the baby bjorn seat potty, he is a tall boy! He finds it very comfortable, for now he sits on it with clothes on when we go to the toilet. I have heard on very many occasions that the cheap potties are very uncomfortable ... I even know a mum with lil girl who said that her bum hurt when she sat on it. So we have gone for the more expensive version of them. And I have to say he seems to be very comfortable on it.

    We are going to do full no nappy at all day or night potty training when we get back from holiday in july. I am hoping the no nonsense approach will work because baby no2 is due in october, and I so do not want to pay for 2 sorts of nappies ...

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