How do you get babies to talk??

I really dont want to sound like a pushy mum!!!! but i have talked and sung to toby since day one but i dont get alot back - lots of giggles but not many noises

can anyone suggest the best way to get the sounds from toby - thank you x


  • Hi i dont know how old your LO is? lizzie will babble at a toy or mirror on her play mat. and she was bable or try and blow raspberrys (this is new tho) and she is 5 months. some babies are gernally quiet. Lizzie wont giggle much only really for her big sister when she shouts boo at her!!
  • thanks for your reply toby is nearly 7 months x
  • hun, if you are worried ask your hv. i think they will probably tell you to carry on with what you are doing by talking and signing to him xx
  • I wouldn't worry. Peter is 14 months now and still only has the very occasional word (usually 'no' - typical boy!) Most babies of his age I know are only just beginning to talk at all and he didn't start babbling properly until 8 or 9 months. I would carry on as you are and Toby will get there eventually. As wannababy says, some babies are just quieter than others.
  • Hello. Just because he's not verbalising, doesn't mean he's not taking it all in and processing it. My mw told me James was vocal, and said I must talk to him a lot. As you do the same, I think Toby is just waiting for his right time. I did read if you say back to them a sound they make, it encourages them to understand about communication. So when he does say something, maybe you could try that? I think you've got a little scolar on your hands, more a thinker than a chatterbox. xx
  • i worry that i dont give him space to talk as i am all the time!!!
  • Don't worry my niece is 15 months and is very quiet, always has been in complete contrast Olivia doesn't stay quiet. Prett much from day one she has been quite vocal and she doesn't stop all day long, some babies are just a bit quieter, when he is ready he will start babbling back to you non stop!
  • Hey summer! You are obv doing all the right things and don't need to worry about doing anything more. My dd (9 months) has always been an expert babbler, way ahead of others in her baby group. However she has always been a bit behind them physically - didn't roll until 7 months, was a wobbly sitter until7/8 months, only just beginning to crawl at 9 and a half months. They say that babas only concentrate on one skill at a time so I guess they can't keep all the balls in the air! I'm sure Toby'll get there soon, it's fab that he's responding to you with giggles x
  • Hey image I agree with mithical about repeating sounds, I always repeat lo and he seems to get excited that he's communicating lol it's so hard to see him try to talk but can't! He hasn't figured it out yer poor thing. I read, sing, commentate and just generally bombard baby with my daily nonsense which you say you do too so it's nothing you're doing, your babes is just quiet.

    My sil didn't speak a word till she was 2, and today she is the most clever lady I know, but she is quiet. My mil says she was such an intelligent child who could do jigsaws and colouring very skillfully very young, she just didn't want to or see the need to talk...even though she was spoken to and played with every day. Although she did say most older siblings speak for the younger ones..but she hated oh and used to scream at him when he came nearer lol!

    Does your lo have an older sibling? X
  • i cant reccomened sing and sign for this enough. my LO wont stop speaking now from it
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