Crying at changing & feeding time


Can I pick your brains please?

LO is 13 days old today, and with the exception of about 3 nappy changes she screams as soon as she is placed on her changing mat until the last popper is done up again on her sleepsuit! She gets herself so worked up bless her that she makes changing take soo much longer than it needs to!!!

Did / Does anyone else LO do this and is it just a phase that they will grow out of as the penny finally drops that we are doing it for her own good? If this is just a phase any ideas what age they grow out of it?

Also at feeding time she does the same thing, when trying to get her to latch on or offer the bottle she works her self up and goes rigid and tries to scratch her face to pieces (yes we are triming her nails and using scratch mits - but she's an expert now in removing these!!!).

Any advice / reassurance gratefully received, just scared that she will hurt herself when she gets so worked up... :cry:



  • Lucas was exactly the same, but now at 5 weeks old he loves being changed and we play and sing songs and he coos away, unless he's really tired. Quite often he'll calm down if he's been crying too. Started to enjoy it around 3 weeks I think it was. He still gets himself stressed if he's really hungry and this then leads him to get awful wind which makes him worse. I've found a dummy for a couple of minutes helps to calm him down enough to feed properly.


  • My LO was the same, changing her nappy was the worst parts of the day as she got sooo upset! But now she loves it, it's the only place she 'talks' to us, she's all smiles and it's strangely an enjoyable experience now - never thought both me and hubby would be so keen to do nappy duty!
    Can't remember what age, maybe about a month or so that she suddenly changed.
    I'm sure your little one will grow out of it. I think it may have helped that our routine is nappy change and then feed so she kinda twigged that as soon as we walked up the stairs to change her nappy, food would follow soon after.
    For now though just get it done no messing, and then when she starts to enjoy it you can interact more at change time.
    Feed-wise, no advice. LO has always been fine...till about 3 days ago when we've started having issues so I can't help you and in fact if she doesn't sort herself out over the next day or 2 I may be back to post myself!
  • crying while changing is just a phase don't worry it does pass. I remember when lo was newborn I used to panic that I was hurting her or something but it does pass, they get used to it. My lo is now 7 months and laughs everytime she needs a change!!
  • As the other ladies have said it is a phase. I think the hardest thing, but most important is that you try to stay calm and smiley. Baby takes from your cues.

    Sing while the nappy's being changed, or just talk in a calm voice. I used out gloworm, although couldn't always hear it! :lol:

    James still isn't happy having his clothes changed sometimes, but when he was a little older an looking at me more. I made it a game getting his arms out, his head in etc.

    Hope lo settles down soon. xx
  • Mine hates it too Emerald lol - although I do find if I change her when she's starting to wake up when I know it's feed time and she's grizzling then she's less stressed about it as opposed to her having started to cry already, when she's still half asleep I'm about done before she realises what's happening, sneaky mummy image lol xx
  • Yep, Ethan despised nappy changes in the early days, apparantly I really did used to commit atrocities in the name of cleanliness! He was a few weeks old when he suddenly decided to chill out about it and he's fine now, he enjoys nappy off time and us having a play at change time. I agree that until he reconciles himself to it, just get it done quickly and calmly, then work on the fun once she stops screaming blue bloody murder!
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