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really awkward maybe a little tmi

So my dd is 3 & tonight while hubby was getting her changed for bed he noticed a spotting of blood on her knickers,so he shouted me up I had a look at her bits & there was a little bit of blood at the opening of her vagina so we've asked her if its hurts she says no,we've asked her if anyone has touched her down there she says no,She's been to the toilet a few times & there hasn't been any more but really worried,just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this,we're going to take her to drs tomorrow but i am so terrified that they jump to the wrong conclusion,not sure if its infection or shes scratched herself or something I don't even want to think about


  • If there hasn't been any more and it's bright red blood I would assume she has scratched herself. An infection would probably be more brownish. My LO is only 17 months but everytime her nappy is off she likes to have a good feel. I wouldn't be surprised if she has nicked herself with a nail or something. Try not too worry.

    H xx
  • Thank you I'm sure your right but so hard to think the worse thanks for replying xo
  • Hi,

    No advice but didn't want to r&r. My DD is 2 and has scratched herself down there at bathtime/nappy changes resulting in a little bit of bleeding. Don't know what else to say, sure docs won't jump to wrong conclusion if you do take her tomorrow and maybe they'll be able to put your mind at rest.
  • Hey hun, I've not experienced this but just wanted to say I hope it goes well at the docs and I'm sure they won't be thinking anything bad/ jumping to conclusions so try not to worry.

  • HI thanks so much for replys been to drs yday she has a scratch phew dr was lovely was one from our practice,Its horrible how your mind works overtime thanks to those who replyed xoxo
  • Glad she is okay
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