How to introduce lumps - help !

So - when you start to introduce some lumps in food, how do you go about it ? What I mean is if they won't take it and spit it out / gag etc do you then go back to offer them pureed food at that meal and try again next time ? I'm keen to introduce them but don;t want to end up staving her if she won't take them !!! Thanks S X


  • I wimped out and went for the stage 2 pouches to start with as I was really worried about choking.

    She had the Ella's Kitchen ones which are textured not lumpy so it was just a thicker consistancy. LO took to them no problems at all.

    You could try some baby pasta (or just small pieces of overcooked pasta) in the pureed food to start with and just slowly add more each time. If she spits it out then go back to the straight puree and try again next time.

    I found with my dd that a lot would depend on how tired and hungry she was. sometimes she couldn't be bother to mash it up, other times she would wolf it down. Just keep at it x
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