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Has anyone ever been hypnotised and did it work??? A lady my mum works with has been hypnotised to stop her eating chocolate and it did work!!! I am seriously considering it. Although I've got will power for all other things and lost weight before I can't stop eating chocolate!! I only got like this when I was pregnant with Tate, weird!!!

Just thought I would ask, as would love to find out what its like?


  • Hi Thanks,
    That does help, I was wondering how long it would last for. I am interested in giving it a go! So will let you know
  • Oh do you think i could get ian hypnotised to do all the housework, i would love a 2 month break he he.

    Nicola if you do decide to go ahead let us know what it's like. I'm intrigued by hypnosis but too scared to ever have it done.
    Good luck.

  • that would be great wouldn't it Karen!!! I think you have to be receptive to the idea though! I am investigating it now, but I think its going to be expensive. I just need to improve my willpower!!

    How are you and Hollie doing? Is she enjoying weaning?

  • oh Karen thats a fab idea - do you think I could get Sam hyponised to put things in the dishwasher and unload it?!

    oh and to run me baths when I get home from work??

    What a fab idea
  • Nicola she is enjoying weaning although im not because she is sooooo messy lol. She has decided though that she doesnt like baby rice and wont eat it, i even mixed it in with carrot puree. She has tried banana and carrot so far, and banana seems to be what she likes best.

    Sarah, wouldnt it be great if we could hypnotise them to do what we want them to do. Lol im sure Ian would love it he he!

  • the normally love butternut squash or sweet potato. I prefer the puree stage to where we are at now, getting Luka to eat what we do. He is doing well though, he loves toast and scrambled egg. I just put it on highchair tray and he makes a right mess! x
  • I will get soem more veg and try her with different things. We are just going to take it slowly and try her with lots of different purees to get her tastebuds going. She had an apple puree that i made when i started weaning her before and she loved it, so might try that and some pear. xx
  • ooh yes they love pear too. its exciting for them, after all that milk!! What are you up to today? We just got back from swimming. They all loved it, im shattered as not feeling brilliant myself. But you know mums don't get sick days, ha,ha!!
  • Nicola hope you are feeling better soon. I havent done much today except clean the house this morning and done 2 machine loads. Hollie is asleep now so just catching up with posts and been watching eastenders. So we have had a quiet day today.
  • thats nice Karen, just had a mail back from the hypnotist. £80 a session!!! Terry said I should just keep on the chocolate!! X
  • £8o?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bl**dy Hell! Sorry!! But surely you can find somewhere cheaper that sounds like a rip off! I had a lot of reiki sessions last year and they were only £30 a session, I would have thought that it would be about the same kind of price!
    If not, I agree with Terry, choccies a lot cheaper!! x
  • They all seem to be the same Emma. I would love to try it out of curiosity more than anything. Its the same for everything round here, really expensive x
  • just re-read my message - sounded very bolshy!! Sorry!

    It's amazing how much the same service can vary in price according to location isn't it? I live in a village outside Wolverhampton, but i go into the city centre if i want things like confectionary, fuel etc as it's so much cheaper!

    Have you heard of the Paul McKenna Weight Loss programme? (don't mean it's just for weight loss, I'm sure that it would work for cutting down choccie!) My Mum tried it, it involves a book and tapes to listen to at night, I have heard lots of good things about it!

    Keep us posted! x
  • no worries Emma, I didn't think that! I might do, I would just love to be hypnotised though and experience that feeling!! A lady my mum worked with had it done, then moaned that she didn't enjoy eating chocolate any more!!!! Madness xx
  • That does sound steep Nicola, i agree chocolate is much cheaper and far more enjoyable.
    I'm eating loads at the moment including lots of chocolate to try and put some weight on. It isn't working though because i just seem to be losing weight no matter what i eat. I haven't started training yet as running will just make me lose weight even quicker, so need to stabilise my weight before running again.

  • Its hard to believe now, but I was the same after having Tom. I don't know what happened to my metabolism but maybe it was breastfeeding as well, but I lost so much weight. Just keep on the carbs!!! X
  • I definately think it is the feeding so i am hoping now she is on solids maybe things will settle down a bit. At the moment though i am just eating loads and feeding her on demand.
    I'm not looking forward to weaning her completely as i will have no excuse to eat like a horse he he.

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