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reeeeealy want to test....please slap me!

hi ladies,

i am sitting here, REALLY wanting to test tomorrow morning! i will be 9 DPO tomorro, so i know its WAAAY too early, but its driving me mad!
i have some different symptoms to last month and feeling quite positive.

i have 4 SD tests on top of the bathroom cabinet, calling to me!!!!! help! xx


  • Lol! Step away from the test!!!
    I say that but I tested yesterday and today - obv got bfn. Not really disappointed tho as always next month. xx
  • G/C

    I used a SD at 10dpo and got bfp but docs now think i might be further along so got an early dating scan on thursday when i will be 6 weeks by my dates

  • G/C
    double post

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