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sleeping arrangments on holiday

we are going away in august and dd will be nearly 22 months. she hates her travel cot (she has only slept in it a handful of times). the bungalow we have booked only has a travel cot available and cant get the cotbed into the car plus everything else.

i was wondering how we are going to manage. a big bed will be too high incase she falls out. there are a couple of options that i can think of

1. put the mattress on the floor so only a few inches to fall

2. buy and inflatable ready bed. we could 'practice' with this before we go.

which do you think would be better???

do you think it would be worthwhile taking the bars off the cot a few weeks before we go to get her used to it???


  • We will have this problem when we go away this summer as well - last year she was in a travel cot no problem, but I doubt she will settle in a 'cot' now she is used to her bed.

    I was thinking of getting a ready bed for her too - they are very good - my older boys have got them.

    But I think in your situation I'd be tempted to put the mattress on the floor and make it up with her familiar bedding and duvet.

    Hope that helps!

  • We just got back from hols and i ended up just getting j in bed with me, naughty I know but he's gone back down in his cot tonight fine so it's not caused any trouble x
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