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Green poo - too much foremilk?

Hi ladies,

Benjamin is a bit poorly at the moment - red throat, chesty cough, sticky eye etc. I think I'm probably more bothered than he is as he is perhaps a tiny bit more grumpy than normal but nothing much! We have ointment for his eye - bloody nightmare to get in and that seems to be improving - but I have just changed his bum and his poo is green :\? . I googled it and read that it can be a sign that the baby is getting too much foremilk/too little hindmilk. He has been 'snacking' more of late, and instead of feeding for a good 15-minutes, will have 5 minutes then fall asleep...I'm guessing this is because he isn't well as he is sleeping more but just wondered if there is anything I could do, if I should be worried about it etc.? Last night he slept from 7.30pm and then we woke at 6am and realised that he'd slept through, so we woke him for a feed...should I set my alarm for tonight to make sure he doesn't go as long?

Thanks girls,

Ruth & Benjamin (8 weeks old today image ) xx


  • hiya,
    my midwife told me that green poo can be a sign of dehydration,
    i have had alot of hassle with breastfeeding and weight gain for baby wasnt enuff etc so we were all obsessed with what his nappies were/should be. she said korma is best yellowy brown ok and green not so good!
    but my babys only 3 weeks nearly
    hth just telling u wot i was told
    Lisa and vinnie xx
  • Hi hun,

    I would just let him sleep, he will let you know when he is hungry. With regards to the green poo, i would just feed off one breast at each feed and if the feeds are within an hour, just feed off the same breast instead of switching - if you know what i mean? This will make sure he gets all the hind milk from the one breast before switching to the other.

    If he is poorly he may just need his sleep to help him get better. It is better that he is well rested than cranky because you woke him up.

    Some people may not agree but i think that a baby will always let you know when they are hungry or tired. Take full advantage of the extra sleep just now! image

  • green poo can be a sign for many many thinsg ranging from colds, teething, tummy bug, too much milk, too little milk, too much fore milk, allergies and intolerances ...as he's a little bit poorly anyway, i would say its a combinatin of that and the 'snacking', do as ladybird says and if he only ahs a short feed, offer him the same breast again on the next feed to ensure he's getting the richer hind milk and let hi rest, if he's still not right in a couple of days perhaps see ur hv to get him weighed, but as long as he's putting on wieght nicely they won't worry too much about green poo xxx
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