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O/T need anniversary ideas!

Hi ladies,

it's mine & oh 3rd wedding anniversary next Sunday & when we got married I suggested that we do traditional gifts each year. & to try & find something unusual to give. So this year it's leather & I haven't a bloody clue wot to get him. I don't want to get him a belt or shoes, I had thought of a wallet but my oh doesn't use one. Anyone got any ideas????

Jayne xx


  • How about a nice leather keyring...seems random but he'd always have it with him...

    Depending on how much you want to spend there 's also the option of an overnight bag or suit carrier, I bought hubby a gorgeous weekender bag for our leather anniversary.


  • sensible ideas from renri. first thought that came to my mind were in the bedroom department!!!
  • hahahahaha u dirty girl!!!! But that's all I can think of lol. Do u think it'd be frowned upoun to bring a 9 week old into ann summmers to buy bondage gear??? lol
  • Calleigh!!! Naughty naughty!!!

    I like it!
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