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Since Adam was born, I have been dutifully writing down how much he eats at each feed, what time he feeds and the times of his naps. I had to do this when we stayed in hospital (not sure why!) and just carried on.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else does this, and if so, what they use it for?? I take my notebook along to the GP and HV every time I go, but no one has ever asked to see it!



  • I've never been asked to write anything down. The mw and hv would ask if lo was taking milk well, I'd just say how many bottles, and between this much and this much. They were happy with that. As lo is still young, naps will be frequent and probably quite long at times, not sure why they'd need that info. I did for a while record when James fed, which was for my benefit as it was on demand. I wanted to see on average the times he was feeding. If you're unhappy to just stop, ask if you can. But from personal experience the hv may only have concerns if you do. HTH. xx
  • I did it just for myself for the first week or so but just because we were feeding on demand so I wanted to try and see if there was some kind of routine coming through on its own. If you are happy with how things are going then I wouldn't bother doing anymore.
  • I had to do this in hospital too because we were in Transitional care for 3 days. I did carry on with writing down and timing feeds for quite a while (the timing bit at least) but I think that was mainly because she was/is so small and I'm BF'ing so don't know how much she is taking and would sometimes get really worried, especially as she's such a fast feeder! However, my HV told me to stop it because it'll only feed my worry, which I must say it did! Since I stopped timing feeds etc I've been much more relaxed about it all.

    I think it's good to know how often they feed and sleep etc and for how long just in case you need that info for the HV or Doctor anytime but not to the point where you're writing it down each time.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • i wasnt asked to do this, but as lo lost too much weight after he was born, i decided to just write down feed times and amount so keep an eye on how much he was taking, after 2 months he was back on track and feeding much better and gaining weight, but i was paroniod and kept a note of feeds until he was 4 months old!

    ashy x
  • I started recording his feeds when we admitted back to hospital as he'd lost too much weight and almost 6 months later, I still do it! I just can't get out of the habit and love to look back over the information. It's only in note form and I've never taken it anywhere, it's just for me really.

    As for sleeps, I started making a note of this when LO was probably about 8 weeks, as I was hoping to see some kind of routine. Here we are 6 months later and every day is still different LOL!

    Not sure how long I'll continue but can't see me giving up anytime soon xx
  • I had to write down Emilia's feeding and how much for bit at easter as madam decided to attempt a hunger strike. I carried on for about 6 weeks as I found it quite reassuring to have it written down. To be honest HV and docs thought I was mad!! Very helpful!

    Joanna x
  • i had to do this while dd was sin SCBU for 3 weeks then continued for months and months. i didnt have to do it after coming home but liked doing it also it was nice as a record
  • We started writing feed details down in Transitional care and did it for about 4-5 months!! I never really did sleeps, but I used to note down how long he had slept for at night without a feed etc. I enjoyed having the record and even Mother-in-law did it for us when LO stayed there!!
  • I do this. Like others I was in transitional care and had to write it all down. Bit I've mainly carried on because I can never remember when he last fed and that. I also want to track how much he's having in a day etc

    not writing it down though. Bern using babyconnect app on the iPhone. Wicked app. One of the girls on here told me about it and it puts it into graphs and both me and hubby can update from either of our phones
  • i wrote down times of sleep and feeds from when jessica went to sleep 1st time till the morning. Hv said it would help to see how much things do improve.
  • Hi Cath

    I was writing down how much Niamh was having at each feed and also what I was expressing each time I expressed. I was good to see how much I was getting compared to what Niamh was taking in a day! Every time i saw the doctor or HV though they told me to stop as I was adding extra pressure to myself.

    However I only stopped when I felt ready to stop noting it down. I think I missed a couple of feeds (noting them down not the actual feeds lol) and I must say I have relaxed a lot more since I have done.

    I keep saying I am going to start noting down Niamh's sleeps in a day to see if I can get any pattern to them but I haven't got around to it yet.
  • I am still doing this, I write down the feed times, what my lo has to eat and drink plus amounts. I also record times of dirty/wet nappies. I have started to stop doing it as much now, my boy is almost 8 months.

    It has been very helpful to me as I have been able to see patterns and any problems which I could accurately explain to my GP.

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