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Can't believe it - so happy!!

Hi Girls

Well after a few months of TTC after our wedding, hubby and I decided the timing wasn't right so put everything on hold. A few friends have spent so long TTC and obviously seeing all the girls on here and how long they have been trying, I never thought it would have so quickly when we started trying again.

After feeling terrible all weekend, nauseus, boobs were enormous and feeling tired beyond belief. I started to think maybe I had a bug until my husband asked when AF was due. That's when I realised I was actually 6 days late! How had I not realised this!! image

I did a test straight away and up came the words 'Pregnant 1-2 weeks'!! BFP BFP BFP!

I'm still in shock to be honest but so happy, my husband and I have had a really bad year with losing close family members and work issues, now we finally have something good happening for us.

I'm so nervous something will go wrong but I must snap out of it.

Thanks for your support the last year girls, really appreciate it.




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