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Just wondering if anyone else's baby has failed the initial hearing test? We had our health visitor round today who did the test and neither ear gave a positive result. Izzy is 12 days old today. The HV said not to worry as it could be water/mucus in the ears from birth - but its hard not to think the worst. We are having the test redone on Friday but I am so worried that there is an issue. Any advice, experiences etc would be appreciated.

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  • Matilda failed in one ear - they said it would just be a gunky ear. Looks like it was as she passed 4 days later. I think it's quite common.

  • yes my son did and it turned out fine as it was just mucus/fluid in the ears xx try not to worry xx
  • my izzy failed hers a few days ago - i posted about it here and got lots of reassuring responses if you want to look in my other topics, she has the retest next week. Im also really nervous but trying not to worry too much about it xx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm a senior audiologist and I see the babies who don't pass their hearing screen for further testing. I know it must be worrying for you but there are a number of reasons why your LO may not have passed. e.g. if she was too active/unsettled during testing, if there was a lot of background noise during testing, if there was still some mucus in the ear canals from the birth.

    I've been doing these follow up clinics for 2 1/2 years and have seen soooooooo many babies. But in all that time I've only come across 3 with a permanent hearing impairment, and two of those had other contributing risk factors.

    I really hope this puts your mind at rest a bit, although I know it's very difficult when it's your precious little bundle, but I've every reason to believe everything will most likely be absolutely fine!

    Oh and please don't worry if the follow up test seems to take ages and the audiologist is staring at the screen intently, it's just a more thorough test and requires in depth analysis, it can sometimes take upwards of an hour, particularly if LO is unsettled.

    Good luck! xx
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