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Please Please Please help me i'm going insane!!!!!!

Hi girls sorry i haven't been on for a while, little adam is keeping me busy, we both have cold. congratulations to those who's births i have missed.

Well the reason why i'm posting is last week i started with a little itchy rash on my breasts thankgod not on nipple as breast feeding, then it spread on my tummy,hips,legs,arms,everywhere apart from my face, went to doc's and they're not sure what it is just some type of skin irritation they think, really getting me down and being drove mad by the itch has any of you had this type of rash or heard anything that could be linked to pregnancy and a rash it's like red pimple,raised spotty things very itchy. and with heat the itch is extreme, last thursday i cried my eyes out as everytime i held adam his body heat was making the rash unberable and i should be able to hold my own baby. Or if anyone knows of anything to get rid of itchyness i have already tried : bicarbinate soda, steriod cream, aloe vera gel, tar soap, epiderm.

Thanks girls for letting me get a bit of a rant off my chest lol.

Hope you can help

Kristina & Adam xxx


  • Not had this myself but didn't want to r + r.

    Could you have had an allergic reaction to something? Is it worth trying some antihistamines (if they are suitable to take whilst bf)?

    I think you can get some lotion to add to a bath to help itchy/sore skin? If it continues def go back to you docs!


    cb and george 16 weeks + 1 day
  • hi girls thanks for all the suggestions, been to docs and they think it could be puppp, which is quite rare and they're not sure how to treat it arrrgggghhh especially as i'm breastfeeding but i really don't wanna stop xxx
  • its PUPPP or PEP

    google it and theres loads of info:

    one in 200 pregnant ladies get PUPPP (or PEP)

    It could mean a big baby

    it could mean baby is born with lots of hair

    there is no cure but it causes no harm to mother or baby.

    its just REALLY annoying and might drive you insane...

    some women suffer form it so bad that they opt to be induced into labour at 37 weeks!

    Cause unknown, possibly to do with skin stretching, or an allergic reaction to some of the baby's cells getting into the mothers bloodstream or something like that...

    "In the majority of cases, PUPPP resolves spontaneously within a week of delivery. However, a few women continue to experience symptoms long into the postpartum period."

    "Some investigators suggest that the rapid abdominal wall distension damages connective tissue and causes an inflammatory response. One study has shown that male fetal DNA can be found in skin biopsies of the rash. Since 70% of women with PUPPP give birth to boys, a new hypothesis is that male fetal DNA acts as a skin irritant."

    lube yourself up lots with moisturiser, e45 or in worse cases steroid cream or take steroids orally.

    i literally feel like i want to peel my skin off with a cheese grater...

    scratching it feels so good but it makes me come up in even more hives.

    if putting cream on doesnt help, a cool/warm shower helps A LOT and my doc gave me e45 bath oil that you can also use as shower oil instead of soap.

    if youre seriously suffering, the doc will give you steroids or steroid cream. but taking steroids might mean your milk takes longer to come in? i dont know how true this is as im on a steroid hayfever nasal spray and ive been lactating since before 30 weeks.

    it started on my cleavage then spread to my bump, thighs, knees, bum, rest of legs, backs of arms and armpits and now its spread to my chest and neck, ears and a tiny bit on my face. i feel so sorry for anyone else who has this as its hell... but only a few weeks left.

    Willpower will prevail! image

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