bambino mio question

what weight do these start from? I have loads of different types of cloth nappies but my lo is only 5lb 12oz and is too small for them! Bambino mio website doesn't state a start weight does anyone know?

Thanks x


  • I've lent all my newborn covers to a friend so I can't have alook on the labels - my lo was 5lb 6 born and we didn't use them for about 6/8 weeks so he was proabaly closer to 7lbs when we started I THINK!
  • i 'think' you can get newborn ones that are
  • hi, i had another look and the size ones are from 6lbs+ so i would presume the newborns are under that xx
  • thanks i have tried them on her as she weighed in at 6lb today but her little legs are too skinny! i won't have to wait too long if she carrys on growing like this anyway
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