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When can you start trying again???

Hi girls

As some of you know i lost our little bean last Monday. I have had a week off mum and my mum came to stay for a bit which was really nice. I am feeling a bit better now and the bleeding has nearly stopped now. It was an emotional and upsetting few days. But i am now already starting to think to the future and i def want to get pregnant as soon as possible,

The nurse who confirmed the miscarriage said that we could start trying straight away again but for dating it would be advisable to wait for my first AF.

What advice where you given? I have heard some worrying info saying that you are more likley to miscarry again if you dont wait for your first AF???

Any advice much appreciated thank you....


  • We have decided to ttc straight away. I dont care about waiting for af for dating purposes. I have just stopped bleeding a couple of days ago so started to bd already.
    I think I replied to your other thread about mym post in preg. If you didnt read it here it is.

    I hope this helps xxx

  • Hi

    we were advised to wait for at least 1 period for dating purposes. However, we opted not to wait and started TTC as soon as the bleeding stopped. We didn't fall pregnant that first cycle. I was OV testing and managed to get positive OV tests on 3 seperate occassions so something was wrong somewhere!

    We are trying again this month and i have bought the CBFM so been using that and i am in my fertile stage now! I was so excited when it changed from one bar to two! So expecting to ovulate at the end of the week!

    Sorry, i just turned that all into about me getting carried away with the excitement of it all ;o)

    Do what feels right for you. I haven't read anything that proves there is any greater risk of another MC. And i believe your body won't let it happen until it is ready.

    Good luck!

  • hi girls i was told to wait three months to let my body recover and my periods get back into a regular cycle. i hope this helps good luck xxx
  • We started trying staright away again hun!

    This question was asked over in the pregnancy forum a week or so ago and lots of ladies over there are having healthy pregnancies that were conceived first month after mc.

    I think if there was any definitive evidence to suggest either way then the NHS would have set guidelines, but since they don't i'm guessing theres no evidence.

    Good luck hun!
  • its strange that we all get told different things...i think it must be the dr's and what guidelines they think....also i suppose if they think that you can cope
    i was told its quite rare to have an eptopic on your first pregnancy.

  • same here trying lost it last monday how are you hun i had a leaflet and it says after one miscarriage most women will go on to have a normal pregnancy there is a good chance of a successfuk PG and on the leaflet about bleeding i know you said have to wait one AF this is what it says
    you may try again when you are ready. We advise that you wait untill you have had a normal period, which you should have 3 to 4 weeks after a misscarriage, provided your periods were regular before. However it is best not to have intercourse untill the bleeding has completely stopped
  • Meagnella- i was so sorry to hear your news. I lost our bean on monday as well. Bleeding seems to have stopped now- a very emotional and upsetting experience.

    I am back at work tomorrow and am dreading the questions, as far as everyone knows i had a stomach bug. I dont really want anyone to know- we want to start trying again straight away and dont want people to know we are trying- too much pressure!

    The nurse said to me that we could try straight away bit it is advised to wait for first period for dating purposes!?

    Hope your coping ok hun? I am much better now and getting better everyday but i do still cry randomly?? I feel empty and numb at the moment....
  • i know i am upset at the min but my children are geting me through it
  • Glad to hear your kids are helping you. Went back to work today- had a little cry in the toilets but was otherwise ok, it was nice and busy.

    I just feel so
  • Hi hun,

    This whole experience is an emotional one. Sometimes it just hits you and little things remind you.

    Its coming up to 5 weeks since my mc and its very hard still, especially since my SIL gave birth Monday and I'm struggling to cope with it really!

    Are you going to start trying again straight away?
  • We have spoken about it and have decided to start trying again next week,. I just so want to be pregnant again and feel that excitement again!!!

    It must be hard with your SIL just having a baby....

    I just feel numb at the moment but better everday....

  • hi, im really sorry 2 read about your loss. i had a m/c on the 16th april. my partner and i decided to try again as soon as possible, it didnt happen though i had my period on the 19th may, so i have my fingers crossed for this month.
    i read in my leaflets that i was given about miscarriage that they advise to wait for your first period but thats only for dates, if you feel ready go for it good luck x
  • We are just going to wait and see what happens. Not watching out for OV signs or POAS. i just so want to be pregnant again. i actually feel really cheated- i didnt even have the experience for long and i miss it so much. i would be over 7 weeks now....

    Sorry having a bad day today....

    Hope you get that BFP this month!!!!!!
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