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Until a change in circumstances.... :-(

DH and I have decided to put TTC on the backburner.... We're hoping by September his work situation will be better and he'll be home at least more often if not all the time which will hopefully improve our chances of ttc #2...

I'm not thrilled with the idea but we feel it's best for now...

GL and lots of babydust to all!


  • Thats not an easy decision to make and I wish you all the very best for when september comes around. xx
  • That's pretty tough, but who knows it might just happen when you least expect it between now and then! If not think of all the fun you'll have when your get your autumn BFP and then get to hit the xmas and new year sales!
  • Thank you for the replies...

    it wasn't easy and I cried so much afterwards that DD even came up to me and hugged my legs (she's 2)... In the end it may be better for alot of reasons but in the meantime, if it happens, it happens, we'll be happy.
  • Sorry to here this hun. Sometimes the right decisions aren't always the easiest ones!

    Are you still gonna lurk on here? You're advice is golden and I'll miss you! I can understand if you decide to leave the forum though in the meantime.

    Good luck and lots of love
  • Thank you Lady... I don't know if I'll stick around or not but I'm a nosey person so I'll prob. lurk for a while ;\) September isn't that far off (I can't believe its June already!), I'll be back before too long!!!

    Luv y'all too!
  • Sorry to hear you've decided to take a break, especially as it was obviously a tough decision. I assume from what you've said that you still won't be using any contraception so maybe you'll get a sneaky BFP whilst you're waiting! x
  • If I'm lucky goonie!!! x
  • SS hun but hope you stick around and am sure the time will fly by and it wont be long until you get your BFP

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