so i tested this morning.....

....and got a BFN image
my temps ewre sky high this morning, did a test and it was negative. then about 10 mins later, AF comes BANG on time - what a b!tch!

my temps are high as i've got sinusitis - at least i can take some medication now, was nearly dying without it!

i feel SO gutted though, as this is about month 7 for us now and it just feels like it wont ever happen.

i am thinkin about talking to my sister about it, she had a 2 year old and i think had a little trouble conceiving, although we never talked about it, as i was never interested (not in a nasty way)
do you think its a good idea? i just need some family support - no-one knows we're trying so have no-one to talk to - apart form hubbie and you girls!



  • Hi huni sorry about your bfn my af came on time aswell!boo! So im on cd5 now so if you ever need to talk i try and get on most days . They do say it can take up to a year to ttc baby number1 i no that this doesnt really help you but im sure it will happen soon for you! If you feel you can talk to your sister i say go for it , it could help you.
    Luv clare
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