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So I woke up this morning.........UPDATE

...and got yet another BFN!!

I know it is probably my cycles all messed up but it's so frustrating. This is my first month off the pill (was on cilest for about 10 years). My AFs were regular before going on the pill.

Took my last pill on 30th april then withdrawal bleed from 4th may till 8th may which would make me on CD 31 today, been having AF type cramps since about CD27/28 and bloated but absolutely no sign of AF. Had dark brown spotting on and off between CD20-CD25 ish.

Did CB test on CD 26 BFN
FR today on CD 31


Someone please help. This is only our first month and I'm going crazy already. :cry:


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  • im back to CD2 now with no AF and no BFP. so im a bit in limbo!
  • Good morning Wispa,

    It can take quite a while for your cycles to settle down again Hun, mine were 35, 29 and this one was 28 (breakthrough bleed).
    I know it's frustrating and annoying but keep up your pma. Have you bled yet? Or any spotting? If you've got an iPhone get the iperiod - it's really helpful and easy to keep track of your cycles xx
  • Hi hun, I'm in a similar situation.

    My first cycle off the pill was 28 days, then cycle 2 I fell pg but kept getting bfn's until cd33 so I gave up testing and waited for AF. It wasn't until cd49 I got bfp!!! Ended in mc though and I'm now on cd30 since mc! I have lots of pg symptoms and don't feel like af is coming at all but who knows?!

    Its rubbish!
  • Hi Wispa, i'm having similar issues. Been off the pill for nearly 5 months and this month on cd 38 no af and bfn 2 days ago. So annoying!!
    Good luck, hopefully you'll have your bfp soon.

    Sorry to here about mc lady, symptoms sound good so fingers crossed for you, any idea when you might test x

  • Thank you all for your replies.

    wildthing- haven't got the iphone, sticking with my old skool brick of a phone but thanks anyway. Nice to hear other peoples cycles were crazy and that you've now got your BFP so there's hope!!

    Tilly- sorry to hear you're having similar probs, it's so frustrating isn't it?!

    Lady- I saw your post on another thread, that's crazy you didn't get your BFP until CD49, do you know why? Sorry you had mc. Fingers crossed for you this month.

  • ******* TMI alert ************

    Can't believe I'm writing this here and so sorry if too much info but today I've been having big blobs of cervical mucus when i wipe. I've had it on two separate occasions and it's a semi transparent jelly like blob. Have no idea what it was.
    Suddenly started thinking that maybe the spotting was a very very short cycle and perhaps i was now ovulating again but that seems a bit crazy. Peed on an ov stick today tho just in case and no ov so now really confused. Anyone any ideas? Pleeease
  • Hi hun, i have no idea why i got it so late. I weren't sure when i ovulated though, although this time i got symptoms cd14?? I have no idea what my bodies playing at but it wants to get its act together!!

    Although.... I was getting faint lines on tesco and asda cheapies yesterday but weren't convinced but today i've done another clearview cheapie thing and there's a faint line on that too. And when i say faint i mean faint but definately there. I can't be sure there not from my mc though so i'm gonna try and hold off testing till Sunday (try being the operative word :lolimage

    CM is a good sign of pregnancy, i had loads when i was pg! Even had to go buy panty liners image I also had an impantation bleed with my last pg too, though i'd got AF a couple of times as it was quite heavy at times, but nope!! So iy still sounds like you're in with a chance!

    Are you going to test again?

  • Oooh Lady, faint lines?!? That sounds promising. Have you had a BFN since the mc at all?

    Think i might keep testing randomly until AF shows. Hehe, that's gonna cost me a fortune!! I've also spent a fortune on ov sticks so i can satisfy my poas urges and just incase i'm ov'ing really late. Can't hurt can it?!

    Baby dust for us both
  • Hey Wispa,

    sorry you got a BFN, you may well go back to a normal cycle but it could be a long cycle. When I came off the pill (microgynon) I'd been on it 13 years and think I had regular cycles before hand but it took 4 months before I ovulated again (luckily I caught it and managed to get pg without ever having an af!) and in the first month off the pill I had a lot of clear cm and all kinds of symptoms but it was just my body reacting to the lack of hormones.
    But on the other hand there are loads of people who get normal cycles and manage to get pg in first month so it is probably just a waiting game unfortunately.
    You mention using opk's - have you had a + on these yet?

    Fingers crossed you get your bfp soon

  • Thanks for replying Kernow. It's really good to hear your story. I've only just bought the ov sticks so used first one today and predictably no ov but thought i'd keep using them to see what's going on. Are you pregnant now? How did you know you were ovulating when you were? Did you use ov sticks?
  • Hey,

    Yep I'm almost 9 weeks now! I was getting so frustrated that I wasn't having periods and went to Dr's twice - they tested my bloods etc and confirmed my body was 'stuck' in the first half of the cycle. They said that it can take a while for the ovaries to 'wake up' as when you think about it they haven't been used for many years! Someone recommened me to use opk's so it was probably after 2 1/2 months of no af I brought some. I got a load of ebay and used them everyday and eventually (4 months after withdrawal bleed and about 6 weeks after using opk's) I got what I think was a positive (it wasn't darker than control but got my bfp a couple of weeks later so it must have been. I think the cheapie ones are not always truly positive.
    Lots of people notice ewcm when they ovulate but I didn't I just had some back ache and a weird feeling in my tummy (almost like indigestion). I think the ewcm happens a few days before ov so it could be what you have and I'd keep testing with your opk's and you may get a positive in the next couple of days.

    I really hope you don't have such a long wait as I did and you ov soon xx
  • I got it down to faint bfp's but that was 3 weeks ago ish now so wouldn't have thought it could be there still.

    Grrrrr its so annoying. I wish you could know whether af's on her way or whether your pg!

    Babydust to you
  • Thank you so much, that's been really interesting. Huge congratulations on being pregnant. Hope it's going well and you're not feeling too sick? I'll take your advice and keep testing with ov sticks i think.
    Thanks again
  • Lady, that does sound promising then. I'm finding the whole ttc experience very frustrating already!!! This forum helps loads tho otherwise i'd be going crazy!
  • No worries, Really hope it is signs of ovulation and you get your bfp soon xx
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