Nappies for baby with skinny legs

Hiya - Amelia is nudging 12lbs now so she's in Pamper size 2 as the size 1's were getting a little tight. However she's got her dad's skinny legs (I'm so jealous 0image and so the poo has a tendency to leak down her legs. Has anyone got any suggestions for a nappy brand that is good for babies with smaller legs?



  • Hi Tritread,
    I'm not sure if my LO has skinny legs (probably not with my genes!). But we used to use Pampers till they made their product changes and then we had a lot more leaky poos. We're now using Tesco own, size 2s. I had her weighed nearly 3 weeks ago and she was 10lb 10oz, the size 2s seem to be fitting her well at the moment.
    I think they should sell sample packs, couple of each brand so that mums can try and work out which is best for them and their baby without buying a whole pack and hating them!
    Anyways, I probably don't have any useful advice, but I hope you find a brand that works well.
  • I had the same problem with my dd and we were using pampers and we were having so many leaks, we usually had 3 changes of clothes per day, then we moved to huggies and while occassionally she may have a leak (very occassionally) I find them really good and they have kept well to her legs.
  • We had nightmares with skinny legs and pampas. Huggies were much better. However I read that Tesco's own brand were made by huggies (or designed) so we swapped to them and have never looked back. They are really good nappies.

    K x
  • sorry no help, ds has skinny legs and no bum, and we find all brands of nappy were fine except for huggies which we had to wait until his weight was at the end of the weight range and even then they would be fine.. i mainly use tesco and asda. x
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