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Second Babies...

Hi Girls

I am currently ttc our 2nd baby, we have a 16 month old girl already. I fell pregnant straight away after being on the pill for 8 years so was very happy we didnt have to wait, but i am just wondering if anyone else fell straight away with their 1st and how long it took to get pregnant with your 2nd?

Sharon xx


  • didnt want to r&r, it took 18 months to fall 4 1st and we are now in month 5 with ttc for no.2 xxx
    sorry i couldnt be more help x
  • My 1st was unplanned, 2nd took us 1 month, 3rd 1 month (ended in MMC) and now ttc again and on our 1st month.

    OH says he has super sperm :lol:

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi hun I haven't been pregnant yet we are still trying but my friend got her 1st daughter on 2nd month and then her son on 5th month. X
  • hi hun
    Took me 6months with my daughter and 3months with my son and now oo 1st month ttc no3 lol x
  • weve been ttc our 2nd 2 years now,maybe not what you were anting to hear tho lol
  • Our first was a surprise, but we had only been living together for 2 months when I fell. It looks like we have done it again, and this was month 2 (technically 5, but officially 2!)

    There's a thread in Pregnancy asking the same question, quite interesting!xx
  • Our first took 7 months and we're now on month 7 ttc number 2 so I'm hoping its lucky! x
  • We conceived dd straight away as well and we've been trying for #2 since September 09 but not consecutive months - prob. about 6 months and after one mc in March, no other bfp...
  • Fell straight away all three times hun

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