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Join TV and radio's Dr Mike Smith for a summer pregnancy health webchat here on Monday 7 June between 12-1pm. From summer colds to hay fever worries during pregnancy and beyond, Dr Mike Smith is here to answer all your summer health queries and ease your worries to ensure you have a stress-free, healthy summer for you and your baby, Post your questions here...


  • hi Dr Smith

    bit of a tmi question but the past 3 days I have had really bad braxton Hicks contractions and alot of discharge. The BH are really draining me because alot of them I have to breath through like a mild contraction. Its really getting me down and is tiring as I have SPD & 3 small children to look after with not alot of help around me. Do you think these BH & discharge mean I will be meeting my baby soon? I dont think I could bare to go 2 weeks over my due date.


    Elaine 39+3

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  • Hi,

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins and unlike my last pregnancy I have been suffering badly with hayfever. My doctor prescribed me with a nasal spray and small dose of piriton at night which has really helped. The trouble is that I understand that I need to have stopped taking the piriton by the time I reach the third trimester. I tried not taking it on Saturday night but woke up feeling very congested and was sick twice during the day because of the build up of 'flem' in my throat. If I was just sneezing & had a blocked nose I could cope with the hayfever but it all goes straight to my throat/chest making me cough and be sick which I find very tiring. Any tips/advice?

    Thank you

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  • Welcome to today's webchat. Dr Smith will be here in about 5 minutes to answer your questions for one hour...
  • Hello, very happy to be here. I am awaiting your questions with great anticipation- so lets get going. And a thanks to Sterimar for sponsoring this chat.

    Your expectantly,
  • A cheeky 2nd question, earlier I had a sharp pain at the right hand side of the top of my bump/lower ribs. It felt really uncomfortable, I tried rubbing/massaging it but it didn't help at all. but then my daughter (sorry for detail) started to wee on the floor (potty training) so I had to quickly pick her up to put her on her potty. Moving quickly like that cleared it completely! Any ideas what it was? I had been moving her toys outside but nothing heavy.

  • Hi Elaine,

    Thank you for your question. BH contractions - contractions occuring but not leading onto delivery, are normal in a proportion of women in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Your don't say when you are due. The good news is that SPD clears up after delivery for most women and for those for whom it doesn't it does so from about the early-mid 40s. If you are due soon then the BH could well just lead on to the true contractions and delivery will follow. You might want to come back to me further telling me when your baby is due.

    Best regards
  • on behalf of elaine........she has had her baby this am!! congratulations elaine xxxxx
  • Hi Loopy Loo

    Sorry to hear you're suffering, I must not interfere with anything your doctor has told you since she/he knows you personally and is responsible for your care. It is possible that even though the strict regulations suggest that certain medicines should not be taken during some or all of pregnancy, your doctor may want to over-ride this since all the time we have to think of how we provide advantages and take into acount the disadvantages.
    You don't say what kind of nasal spray your doctor has prescribed. Our sponsors Sterimar's nasal spray is a natural product of purified sea water and can be an effective and natural way to clean out the allergens provoking your hay fever as well as the gunge that collects as a result. I would ask your doctor if she/he considers that the antihistimine (piriton) should be continued or changed for something else and also seek their opinion on your use of Sterimar.

    Best regards
  • Hi again Loopy Loo,

    Even though it felt to be at the top of your bump, the chances are that it was 'stitch' - the short period of cramp that occurs in the muscles that attach one rib to another. A deep breath or sudden movement will often quickly snap them out of their cramp moment.

  • Two mile-stones covered in one happy event.
    Congratulations Elaine
  • Thank you very much for your responses, will make another appointment with the doctor.

    (I am using beconase though can never spell it!)
  • No problem Loopy loo

    The Beconase spray is undoubtedly an effective dampner of the body's reactions to an allergen - pollen in this case. But your doctor may like to consider that in between such use that a more powerful but still gently delivered spray using the body and pregnancy-friendly, isotonic Sterimar may give those higher and more difficult to reach nasal spaces (sinuses etc)a good wash out
  • Hi Dr Smith
    I suffer for Roseaca on my face, I understand taking antibiotics would be extremely harmful to my baby. Do you know of any natural remedies that may help. I try to steer clear of spicy food, direct sunlight and of course right now alcohol , but to be honest it doesn't really make much difference, I just wondered if you knew of any natural supplements that could help or creams etc.
  • HI GeezeLouise

    Unless you have cysts or such blemmishes over and above the red and inflammed skin, then antibiotics wouldn't help much in any case. Although women get Rosacea more often then men, we don't really know why but my guess would be that there is a genetic predisposition. As you have tried avoiding the usual stimulants such as spicey food, why not keep a diary on what you notice may be causing it to be worse - more at sometimes then others. As with other similar conditions where we don't have easy answers it is remarkable how often people do come up with their own solution. I know of no natural remedies that have been shown to be of benefit so avoidance of provocation specific to you has to be the way ahead.

    Kind regards
  • Thank you for your questions.

    Happy and healthy summer pregnancies to you all.

    Best wishes
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