What are you doing differently this month?


Thought we might share what we are doing differently this month/what we are already doing and that way, we might get some new ideas!

I am taking evening primrose oil at the moment to regulate my cycles - taken it for about 3 months in 2 weeks before ov and it seems to be working.
I am bding every other night, every night around ov. Also using opks/BBT to monitor cycles.

This month, thought I might try BDing on the day of and day after my temp rise as we NEVER do that! Read somewhere that there is stiill a chance at this point. Hoping it will make all the difference!

Baby dust xxx


  • The thing I am doing differently this month is *not* trying, lol! I'm only on month 5, which is not much I know, but I kind of felt that OPKs / counting days etc. were taking over my life and making me somewhat obsessed... so it's 'au naturel' this month and for a few months more at least just to see whether chilling out will have the desired effect! I'm still planning to keep half an eye on my body and aim for lots of BD action if/when I get signs I am fertile, but that's it. Fingers crossed!

    Good luck to everyone trying anything new / exciting / exotic this month - babydust all round! xxx
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