tax credits helpline

Ive been waiting on the phone for an hour to speak to someone and im going mad!!!! :evil:
Has anyone been able to get through recently? as its quite urgent, I need to tell them ive changed banks before my tomorrows payment goes through. aaaagggh

I phoned 0845 300 3900, does anyone have a different number which may be more helpful? :\?

Hannah xx


  • there is only one number unfortunastly and i hate to be the one to tell you but i think its paid by the bacs systerm and therefor would already be in the syusterm to be paid to you in your old bank tomorrow. i could be wrong but think they will need more notice to chjange bank details x
  • I got through straight away last week!!

    I am almost certain that you've left it too late to change bank details if its due to go in tomorrow, they would have already made the transaction request I would have thought
  • Thanks ladies, I finally got through and you were right the payment has already been authorised, was worth a try though.

    wow claire you must have been lucky getting through straight away, i cant believe how long i had to wait.

    Thanks again image x
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