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its my birthday

Hi Gracey..happy birthday to you!!! Hope you have had a lovely day??? You can't be as old as me, so don't worry!!!


  • Happy birthday Gracey

    Hope you've had a nice day and enjoy your weekend.

    Sally. XXX
  • aah Gracey how can you say you are old!!! I remember being 24, I feel about 54 these days!! Im actually 32 (and a half!!!) That will be so lovely on Saturday, something to look forward to. Any nice pressies? I just like getting cards, especially from the kids
  • hiya gracey, a belated happy birthday to you hun!! hope you have a fab time on saturday!

    hope you are well. its great to see you on here a bit more

    chat soon
    kas xx
  • Hi Gracey

    Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had a nice day and have a great evening on Saturday

    Hope to chat soon x x x
  • Hi Gracey,

    I hope you had a good birthday yesterday.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Gracey,

    Happy Birthday for yesterday, i hope you had a brilliant day!

  • Happy belated birthday to you hun,hope you had a nice day and the boys get you something nice.


    Hope you have a lovely day

    Love Simone and Jessica xx
  • Happy Birthday Gracey! Hope you have a lovely day. It's my hubby's birthday today too.

    lol. x
  • Happy Birthday Grace!!!
  • happy birthday.
    i'm on my own tonight so trying to fill in time before bed.
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