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Easter Egg Hunts

Hi Girls, I noticed this website on the side of an easter egg box I was about to eat (I blame Tasha and Sainsburys BOGOF offer!!) might be worth a look for your little ones?


  • thats looks fab, but none of those places are near us unfortunately.

    theres a massive play park surrounded by lakes near us that are doing an easter egg hunt on easter weekend, so think we'll go and do that. im so looking forward to it as niamhs old enough now!!

    are you doing one?
    kas xx
  • Toms school does a really good one at the castle where we live, they then do a duck race (rubber ones!!) on the river which is good fun. So we all have an afternoon out for about a fiver and the kids get a big bag of chocs!! I love Easter as you know its the start of spring xxx
  • I saw that site a while ago but i think i was too early and they hadn't put on the dates and places for the trails! I'd already eaten to eggs by then!!!!

    We're gonig over to Kas's on Easter Sunday to meet Caroline so we're tagging along to the easter egg hunt with her, can't wait!!
  • Oooohhhh, I want to go to one but I've got no children to take.

    Next year...

    ... just for Lion's benefit, you understand!
  • oh that sounds fab!! Im really jealous Tasha! X
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