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OMG awful news on another part of forum

I can't even believe it, do any of you follow SoHappy and the awful time she has been having with her child sadly passing away, I always remembered her from TTC and so read her posts to see how she is doing. Her husband has died :cry:

I can't even believe that one person can be put through so much pain in their life, she has lost her child and now her husband, i'm stunned, it makes me feel sick to imagine what she is going through :\(


  • I read this this morning, i was in tears for her. That poor lady, i really hope she has a strong family network to give her the support she needs just now.

    I can't even begin to imagine the pain she is going through, just awful :cry:

  • Oh that is so awful, how do you cope with something like that. My thoughts and prayers are with her

    Gemm x
  • that is awful, i remember reading about her baby passing away, how do you cope with losing both?
    Unthinkable. xx
  • oh no image i remember her baby passing... my thoughts are with her
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